Few criticisms and suggestions for the game.

I play Forge of Empires on servers Griefental and Jaims, a regular player and I occasionally buy and diamonds. I have a few criticisms and suggestions for the game.
- Criticism refers to it, you have to allow players who buy huge quantities of diamonds, you can research, come to the moment the last time in the game. Thus, the vast majority of players on the server Jaims denied the opportunity to compete in the same way in this game. Wish you limit the time under investigation only with diamonds.
- The proposal that I've wanted to say refers to the guild treasury. Do you might with some of the following patches, programmed to see the quantity of donated goods each player who is in the guild.
- Also, I think it would be good and nice to play that in some of the following patches add new free flags and flags which can be purchased for diamonds. I think they currently have too little.

Signund Freud


I agree with the flag suggestion but they would have to be small in order to take up the least amount of space.