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Guild Fel Dranghyr (en6) - Atlantis: Guild Daily Journal

John Galt

Issue #59 Sunday 2nd. December 2012

Issues #59 and #60 are posted in reverse order :(

**************************THE ATLANTIS STAR***********************

-----------------------Bringing you all the latest Guild News-------------

Well here we are at the end of another weekend and work is only a few hours away for some, sorry to bring you even further down, but look on the bright side it will only be 3 weeks to Christmas tomorrow.

Tarquin has put up the tree and decorations today, yes you guessed the colour scheme, BLOODY PURPLE. If I hear one more version of away in a manger I swear, it will take a Christmas miracle for him, her, it to be seeing the light of day by the time it gets here. Still enough of our problems lets get on with the news.

Guild news:

First we have an announcement from Pradeepprotex, it reads like this.

"Hi you may remove me from alliance now. I cant find to play games anymore. Need to focus on my studies."

The Star and the guild leaders would like to lead the applause to this young man for realising that he was unable to support his fellow guildies in the manner he would like and for having the grace to alert us to this fact in order for us to find a replacement.
Now if any of you guildies who are doing very little (In some cases bugger all) are reading this then have the bollocks to do what this young man has done and alert us, not just sit there leaching us all.

We wish you a happy Christmas Pradeep and good luck with the studies, come back when you have them cracked you will be welcome.

Only one tech up to report today, we say congratulations to Caphalor for entering the CA. Another Atlantian on the upward trail.

There were no comings or goings from the guild with the exception of Pradeepprotex, however we have been alerted by EXIT that there will be a big clearout very very soon (Even before Christmas) if some guildies don't buck up their ideas.


Having considered the forthcoming Christmas period the Leadership would like to announce that an amnesty from polishing and motivating will be in operation from midnight (BST) on Sunday 23rd. December through till midnight (BST) on 2nd. January 2013.
For those of you who wish to take advantage of this period it comes with this warning..... Do not forget to start again as you will be kicked if you do.
For those of you FoE junkies who wish to carry on we ask that you continue to P/M everyone during this time if you can please.

The leadership asks you all to consider building one or two extra cultural buildings to ensure full happiness over this period bearing in mind the reduced P/M activity.

There will be no Atlantis Star during this time either as we also (believe it or not) have families who like to see us now and then, however, if one of us gets really bored with watching the inevitable repeats on TV and eating mince pies then who knows maybe we will put out a short edition just for the hell of it one day.

More news:

Atlantis has begun to see the first of it's 'great buildings' being erected, well done (I suppose) to those of you who have erected these buildings I hope you are happy with the expensive rip offs.

More more news:

Speaking of more, MORE76 has put up a new guild poll to be found in the guild forum. It concerns the re-naming of polishing/motivating within your cities.
We are not going to tell you here what the details are as it may encourage you to go and have a look at it... It concerns YOU so please do so, as they say, No Vote, No Say.

Yet more news:

Guildies are invited to the 'Pig and Firkin' tonight to celebrate the achievements of Akbhoy, Kolokoy and Lord Farral who have scured a win in all of their neighbourhoods PvP tournaments, thus denying any glory to those naked bums. Well done boys I bet they are fuming. Lets hope we have a real cold spell and that those naked bums all lose their..... sweetmeats.:)

The last bit of news:

Investigations continue to be made by the Atlantis corruption squad into the allegations and suspicions that TonyEvl is distributing pronographic material (As reported in last nights Star).
Apparently a corruption investigator tried to get access into the offending library to try and secure the evidence to arrest TonyEvl, however the disguise moustache and glasses made him look so like Groucho Marks that the library staff spotted him and got security ti kick him out before he could look at anything.
Obviously the corruption team will have to be more inventive in their investigations. Keep watching this space guidies, we will bring you the news as it breaks.

*************************** BALLS *********************************

Your Atlantis sports news:

Here are the league tables following week seven results:

******* DIVISION 1 *********

1. Hokage14 Pink Unicorn 18 points +10 GD
2. Knycknacs Kicker Crackers 14 points +4 GD
3. Spurdensda's Spud LUFC
4. Kolokoy Cross-Boo Tanding 13 points +2 GD
5. Tarquins Fluffies 12 points +11 GD
6. Burnsides Bulldogs 12 points +5 GD
7. Mariposa's Monarchs 12 points +0 GD
8. Jizzalots 11 points +10 GD
9. Lord Farrals Bravehearts 10 points +3 GD
10. More76 Savon Voema 9 points -2 GD
11. UK's Finest 7 points -5 GD
12. Furnikus's Crockers 7 points -8 GD
13. Rinbins Jesters 7 points -10 GD
14. Stipsa Zute ose Serbia 7 points -11 GD
15. Seamonkey Westmonk 6 points -2 GD
16. Monarchy88 Cpi Butanding 4 points -8 GD

Hokage14 continues her relentless assault on the title with a good 4 - 3 away win against Tarquins Fluffies. This extends her lead to 4 points. Said a happy Tarquin after the match, "Well we girly types have to stick together, I don't mind losing to Hokage". (Maybe a clue to his, her. it's preferred sexuality there folks).

UK's Finest continues his climb up the table into 11th. position. During interview UK said "Following a disasterous start to the season we have now turned the corner and have started to belive in ourselves, it's a case of confidence".

Monarchy and Knycknac played out a fantastic 6 - 6 draw. This was an excellent result for Wizofwoz against the second placed team, but the one point earned still keeps him 2 points adrift at the bottom of the table.

*********** DIVISION 2 *************

1. Diziets Devastators 15 points +7 GD
2. PFCJay Thunder 15 points -2 GD
3. Caphalor Titans 13 points +1 GD
4. Ragu Silvertongues Bounders 12 points +3 GD
5. Zanders Zombies 12 points +3 GD
6. The Bho's Ballhogs 12 points -3 GD
7. Galts Bohemians 11 points +7 GD
8. Akhil Wonder 10 points +3 GD
9. Akbhoy67 Celtic Galacticos 10 points +1 GD
10. Kradlum Kaiser Chiefs 10 points -4 GD
11. Gremla MK Maribor 9 points +1 GD
12. Doctiny's Speculums 9 points +0 GD
13. TonyEvl The Big Beer Bellies 8 points +1 GD
14. Mmarrkks Tartan Spartans 7 points -3 GD
15. Slyfoxys City Slickers 6 points -4 GD
16. Wizofwoz Wrecklace Warriors 6 points -8 GD

In Division 2 we must apologise to Diziet for printing the results in Raxpools old team name, we must get a print setter who can read and write, I suppose it would be good for a paper to have those qualities. Anyway despite the proud boasts of him taking the league by storm Diziet came a cropper losing 3 - 2 to Knycknac. He still stays on top of the division by goal difference however.

The great win by Wizofwoz was met with delerium by thier fans who chanted throughout the game, "We are staying up"... Strange there is no relegation from the second division, but hey they were happy, so let them sing.

Caphalor secured an excellent win over Zanders Zombies which saw him climb into 3rd. place and drop Zander down to 5th.

Don't forget that the league will take a break from matches during the festive period with the last matches played this year on the 22nd. December.

The next footie action is on Wednesday with a full league programme, weather permitting.


Well thats it for another day in the exciting worl of Atlantis, the world that never dissapoints or gets boring. See you tomorrow guildies, this is me signing off, now I'm off to the 'Pig and Firkin' (yes you guessed it) OH MY POOR LIVER!!!!! HAHAHAHA Goodnight.

Copy right reserved TM
Editors:Burnside, Lord Zand
Official Sponsors of the *AFL*
By Royal Appointment.
Award winners.

John Galt

Issue #61 Tuesday 4th. December 2012

**************************THE ATLANTIS STAR***********************

-----------------------Bringing you all the latest Guild News-------------

Hello Fellow Guildies and welcome to another edition of our famous newspaper. I think after the late, late news concerning the arrest of TonyEvl that this issue is one of the most eagerly awaited.
But we still have other news to give you before we go to our main story, so let's get on with it.

News in the guild:

Today saw the departure of eigis and a sad event it was too, she informed us that she no longer had enough time to dedicate to the game and said her tearful goodbyes.

eigis was a long standing member and proud and good citizen of Atlantis and was the originator of one of the first pieces of entertainment in the guild which still exists today as eigis's funny bone.

Although eigis still shows in the guild she has nullified her city and will be removed once a replacement is found.

Quite a lot of you have said goodbye personally and the Star wishes eigis all the very best for her future.

eigis = Everyone Is Good In Something.

There were no other movers or shakers in the guild today, a quiet day all round. (apart from the gossip).

More news:

We have a new feature in the new members section of the guild forum called 'Introduce yourself' Akbhoy has kindly put this up and asks people to put a little bit about themselves in the section, if you haven't already done so go and visit and make an entry.

The main event:

Following last nights dramatic news that TonyEvl had been arrested and a search warrant issued for his city we made sure we had reporters at all strategic places today in order to capture as much information on the story that is currently gripping Atlantis.

Rumours were abound that an attempt was going to be made to free TonyEvl from the Atlantis main dungeons, the news quickly got to the authorties and the Atlantis national guard were again called upon to quadruple the guard and defence of the gaol, certainly no-one was going to get in or out and all items of clothing, food or other comforts brought for TonyEvl were thouroughly checked.

Some attempts were downright crude and obvious in thier making, it is said that a file in a swiss roll was found, I ask you, come on, everyone has seen that old trick before.

Others believe that the dungeon is on wheels and can be moved, a herd of unicorns were assembled tied to ropes attached to the gaol, however even TonyEvl didn't have anywhere near enough to budge one cell never mind the whole dungeon, whoever thought that one up must be a real numpty.

Having made the search of the city the anti-corruption squad were doing somersaults over thier success in finding reams and reams of illegal UNIPORN, the majority was found inside the perimeter library in TonyEvl's city, several other staches were found under his bed, these were handled with extreme disgust.

Once the court case is finalised it is understood that a massive bonfire will be lit using all the UNIPORN as fuel

That's all we have folks at the moment, not a lot I agree but we will keep trying to find out information and will report on it as we do.

***************** WAIT.... STOP THE PRESSES *****************


We have just been informed by our top investigative reporter that the anti-corruption squad have just found a further TWO TonyEvl's hidden within his city.

The first was trying to disguise himself as a stable lad, but was spotted by an eagle eyed reporter who recognised him as someone who had served him with a magazine last week. the reporter stresses that it was a purely naturalist magazine and we believe him, we think.

The second TonyEvl was found tied and bound at the top of an outlying lookout tower, we understand that this TonyEvl is ranting on that he is the REAL TonyEvl and the others are just clones who kidnapped him in order to sell the UMIPORN for profit.

He is also making serious allegations that it is our beloved leader John Galt who is the driving force bebind all this, a serious accusation to make but one that the anti-corruption squad are duty bound to investigate further.

TonyEvl two and three are now encumbent in separate cells within the Atlantis dungeons, we understand that investigations will continue tomorrow to try and unravel who is who and who is not.

Thats all we have at this moment in time folks but rest assured we will not shirk in our duty to bring you every detail of this dastardly crime invetigation as it unfolds, until tomorrow then, goodnight.

Copy right reserved TM
Editors:Burnside, Lord Zand
Official Sponsors of the *AFL*
By Royal Appointment.
Award winners.

John Galt

Issue #62 Wednesday 5th. December 2012

**************************THE ATLANTIS STAR***********************

-----------------------Bringing you all the latest Guild News-------------

News in the Guild:

Today saw no leavers, evictees or joining members. However we had a message from EXIT today saying 'We are on a few cases at the moment, too many for our liking, if it's you, and you know who you are, then expect an early morning knock on your city gates, Oh and get yer bags packed ready cos we give no warning'
Sounds as though they mean business folks so get P/M ing.

On the scientific side of things today we saw two age advancements, that of Prefect and Fox79 to the CA.

We sent out a very junior reporter (all our others were on the TonyEvl case) to the city of Prefect, thats Prefects city Prefect. Confusing I know!!
He got to the gates and was asked 'Are you a head boy or girl?? or are you a prefect'?? 'If not bog off this is an exclusive party'.
Our reporter told them he had won a house point for litter picking but was told that didn't count and was packed off home.

We sent another with a warning to be careful to the Lair city of Fox79, he got there and was allowed in to see Fox79 who thanked him for his visit then with a smile on his face asked him what he tasted like, at the same time someone crept up behind the poor lad grabbed his calf and barked like a dog, to say the lads trousers had changed colour when he returned back to the offices was an under statement, we sent him straight home to get cleaned up. Naughty Fox79 but we enjoyed the joke.

We still congratulate you both.. WELL DONE.

******************* HEADLINE NEWS *******************

Having spent all night and most of the day out on the sniff for information our investigative reporters came back to the Star offices mid afternoon. A full meeting took place with all the information gathered and put up on the blackboard to make sense of it all and to put it in the order needed to report.

Having been examined by Doctiny the TonyEvl found tied and gagged in the watch tower was put under hypnosis and questioned. He revealed that he had been suspicious of the cloned TonyEvl's for some time and one in particular seemed to be the leader and making all the plans.

Very early on Sunday morning he awoke to find the two clones standing over him in bed, he was quickly overpowered and tied up and thrown into the back of a cart and taken to the tower on the edge of the city in the mountain region, he can say nothing else about what has happened since.

Doctiny said he could not say for definite that this was the REAL TonyEvl and more tests would need to be carried out to confirm or deny the fact.

Our reporters have scoured the city looking for clues as to what happened next and found a drunk in the local inn the 'Ale and Strumpet'. He was at first frightened to talk to us but after a bit of pursuading and a lot of gold coins he talked.

He said he was the butler of TonyEvl and used to look after him, he used to sleep in the room above TonyEvl's bedroom and on the night in question heard a disturbance and went to find out what was happening, he peered through the crack in the door and saw three TonyEvl's struggling then one of them was tied up and bundled out of the building into a cart, it was then that he was seen and caught by the other two.
Having been threatened with death and harm to his family he was paid a handsome sum and told to forget what he had seen for his own good.

He told our reporter that lots of packages had been delivered to the library on the edge of the city, he had found that these packages all contained UNIPORN and that there was always at least one TonyEvl counting the money from the sale of this stuff. He said that a man looking like Jihn Galt used to come to the city every Saturday morning where the money was divided up.
The butler and his family are now in the protection of the Atlantis National Guard he is being thoroughly questioned and is waiting to give evidence at any trial.

Meanwhile we understand that the anti-corruption squad have been to see John Galt following the allegations made by TonyEvl and the information supplied by the butler, they spoke to him but were not happy and went away.

Two hours later nearly 1,000 National guards surrounded John Galts city and started a systematic serach, in the meantime 100 others secured the cloning factory and with the help of Atlantis's top scientific bods they shut it down.

We can now report that after the extensive search in John Galts city no less than 10 more John Galts were apprehended. All have been taken to the National Guards barracks for questioning and to try and find out which one is the real John Galt.

Back at the central gaol the task of finding out who was the real TonyEvl continued. A very clever plan was thought up by Tarquin to get to the truth. (He, She, It, does have some uses after all).

Our readers may be unaware that all clones have the same looks and habits and speak the same but John Galt could never find out how to clone their emotions.

A test was set up to find the real TonyEvl. All three TonyEvl's were brought out to the gaol exercise yard and a fire was started, the three were then tied to posts some 10 yards away from the fire.

A guard then brought out a pure thoroughbred PINK unicorn. He walked it over to the fire and took a long steel spit from a colleague, the TonyEvl's were told that unless they confessed the truth then the PINK unicorn would be spit roast alive.

Of course two of them didn't care, but one did and started screaming and struggling to get free to stop the bar'B'que happening. Hence our real TonyEvl was found. He has been taken into medical care under heavy protective guard where he will be questioned further.

At this moment in time thats all we can report on this matter, but rest assured our reporters will work night and day to bring you the news as it happens.

For those of you concerned about the Pink unicorn, it was let free unharmed and wouldn't have actually been spit roasted, the threat was just a trick.

The high commander of The Atlantis National Guard has asked us to put out this message to all Atlantians:

'We would like to re-assure all of Atlantis that we now have ALL the clones in custody with no chance of escape'.
'We can categorically give this statement as we have had our top scientists examine the cloning machine which stores data of every operation it carries out, the numbers cloned exactly matches the number of clones in custody'.
'Atlantis can now sleep safe and secure in the knowledge that we are now in control of the situation, the cloning machine has been permanently put out of use'.
'We would like to thank all Atlantians for their assistance and patience in this matter'

'WOW', thats the only word we can find to describe the events that are unfolding before our very eyes, this saga gets stranger and stranger. What was the motive behind it all?? Will the anti-coruption squad ever find the REAL John Galt?? Was TonyEvl part of the plan in the first palce??
Atlantian Guildies we promise here in the Star that we will give you the answers to these questions..... Keep reading... Our readership has just reached 1 million and growing. (We're in the money) Zander, lets go for a drink... 'Oh my poor liver'.

***************** BALLS *******************

Here are tonights league match results, a write up on these matches will appear alongside the league tables in tomorrows Star.

*************** DIVISION 1 ********************

Burnsides Bulldogs 4 Lord Farrals Bravehearts 2

Hokage14 Pink Unicorn 4 Mariposa's Monarchs 4

Furnikus's Crockers 6 Kolokoy Cross-Boo Tanding 6

Jizzalots 6 Knycknacs Kicker Crackers 1

Monarchy88 CPi Butanding 6 Tarquins Fluffies 6

MORE76 Savon Voema 3 UK's Finest 2

Rinbins Jesters 2 Spurdensda's Spud LUFC 4

Seamonkey Westmonk 4 Stipsa's Zute ose Serbia 3

**************** DIVISION 2 ******************

Akbhoy Celtic Galactico's 5 Gremla MK Maribor 4

Akhil Wonder 1 Kradlum Kaiser Chiefs 5

Caphalor Titans 3 Ragu Silvertongues Bounders 2

Doctinys Speculums 5 Galts Bohemians 5

Mmarrkks Tartan Spartans 5 Atlantis Football League team 2

PFCJays Thunder 2 Zanders Zombies 4

Diziets Devastators 6 The Bho's Ballhogs 6

Slyfoxys City Slickers 3 TonyEvl The Big Beer Bellies 3

Next football action is on Saturday with week 9 of the league.

Copy right reserved TM
Editors:Burnside, Lord Zand
Official Sponsors of the *AFL*
By Royal Appointment.
Award winners.

John Galt

Issue #63 Thursday 6th. December 2012

**************************THE ATLANTIS STAR***********************

-----------------------Bringing you all the latest Guild News-------------

News in the Guild:

Hello again guildies, this is what you have been waiting for, the next issue of the Star, bringing you all the news day in day out, so lets get on with it cos I know you all want to know what the latest is on the UNIPORN GATE scandal. First we have:

The news in the guild:

Today saw the confirmed departure of eigis and pradeepprotex from Atlantis, we allowed these two players the grace of a couple of days to pack all their belongings away, so we finally say goodbye...

Coming in to take their places are Pac1f1er and Cynric, we could not get hold of either of them today because ALL our reporters were busy, we will catch up with them soon, but I am sure the whole guild wishes them a warm welcome and hopefully a long and prosperous stay.

There were no age tech-ups at the time of going to press which is a good job really because every single scientist and boffin has been employed on the scandal hitting Atlantis at the moment.

********** Leaders bulletin ***********

It has been noticed that some unfair and 'not within the guild rules' trades have been put up lately, we have a rule over trading and I refer you to the guild forum. You were all made aware of this rule and newcomers were specifically told of it before joining.
We ask that if you have a trade against the guild rules that you either ammend it or remove it.
It is unfair to expect to obtain goods that cost twice as much to research, build and produce for the same or even less in some cases of lower age goods.

Now we do not want to make an issue of this matter and expect you ALL to comply. Thank You.

******************** HEADLINE NEWS ******************

Having sorted out who was the real TonyEvl yesterday the anti-corruption squad had the mammoth task of sorting out who was the real John Galt, I suppose they had a minimum of a 10 to 1 chance.

To make matters worse some citizens, you know them, the animal liberation and welfare league, started to make thretening jestures over the release of TonyEvl so that he could go and look after his UNIPETS (another one for the dictionary).

The head commander of the national guard was sent to sort matters out and upon arrival became concerned that the level of violence may escalate, in order to quell the situation he commandeered the six elephants from Dommies travelling circus and the water bowser from the Atlantis fire brigade. He advised the crowd that he would use the makeshift water cannons if they failed to disperse.

Suddenly onto the Atlantis great hall steps strode Tarquin and in a voice louder than any we had heard from Him, Her, It, before brought the crowd to a hush. This is what He, She, It, said to the assembled mob.

"Fellow Atlantians I ask you for calm and order, I understand and sympathise with your cause and due to this I have been in communication with my very good friend King Everard"

"King Everard has decreed that all the unipets be brought to the main gaol enclosures and stables in order that TonyEvl can look after them assisted by the national guard under TonyEvls directions"

"King Everard reminds you that TonyEvl still stands accused of henious crimes that, if found guilty of them, would render his life forfeit, King Everard however is a compassionate man and an animal lover himself so understands your cause, he now wishes you to disperse peacefully to your homes"

Well it seems that Tarquin has stepped in again to solve a very difficult problem.

Meanwhile back at anti-corruption HQ they were scratching their heads on how to establish the real John Galts identity.No-one really knows John Galt personally, he is a somewhat solitary and distant type of fellow who only comes out of his shell when discussing city planning and battle strategies.

Suddenly a messenger appeared at HQ with a note which was rushed into high command, it was read and then junior members started to run about and call for carpenters and toy makers, we have not been informed today why these people were called for but as soon as we know we will report it.

Unfortunately that is all we have for you today, it looks like this story will run for a few more days yet, so all we ask is for you to keep getting out your one gold coin and buying the Atlantis Star. (You know it's worth it). (Zander, the retirement fund is looking very healthy now my friend shall we go to the 'Pig and Firkin') (Oh my poor liver).

So until tomorrow my fellow Guild mates this is us saying goodnight, to you.

************* BALLS EXTRA ****************

Unfortunately due to the amount of manpower being deployed on the UNIPORN GATE scandal we are unable to bring you the updated league tables and reports, we will bring them to you as soon as is humanly possible.Copy right reserved TM
Editors:Burnside, Lord Zand
Official Sponsors of the *AFL*
By Royal Appointment.
Award winners.

John Galt

Issue #64 Friday 7th. December 2012

**************************THE ATLANTIS STAR***********************

-----------------------Bringing you all the latest Guild News-------------

News in the Guild:

So we meet again through our illustrious newspaper and it's a pleasure to do so, we have quite a bit of guild news to bring you today with lots of exciting happenings.

Firstly we say congratulations to Dommie who became our very first guild 200 club member, a great achievemnet and we salute you.

This was closely followed by our founder John Galt getting into the top 200. It's good to see that John can still devote his time to the guild score, I would have thought it better spent preparing his defence for the forthcoming trial. But we still congratulate you John, whatever you have done.

We then had Lord Zand making it into the 100 club, this is great news and about time too, it means that it's definitely his round down the 'Pig and Firkin' tonight.
It's OK I am taking my second liver with me tonight, so that I can get as much Ale and Whisky down my neck as I can while Zander is paying. (Bring a big fat wallet my mate).

Three guild members made the CA today, Goblinking, Lupo69 and Cdscarlo. It shows that the technicians, scientists and other boffins are back to thier proper work instead of trying to find a clone from a reality.

We had a few words with Lupo69 who said "Of course it was bound to happen sooner rather than later".... Er yes Ok lupo or should that be Loopy ??

Cdscarlo was asked to comment but all he had to say was "Buy the CD mate, it's all on there, I don't do free interviews".
Hoping to get to number one then eh Carlo :-)

Goblinking was also visited by our reporter, who, when he found the city was told that Goblinking was not available as he was making another den at the bottom of his garden.

Whatever, the Star and the whole of Atlantis congratulates you all on your achievements.

Other News:

This news is connected to the main event taking place in Atlantis at the moment the UNIPORN GATE AFFAIR. It would appear (from what guards at the central gaol are telling us) that TonyEvl has changed his appearance, he has tried to make out that he is now a female in order to try and trick the guards into letting him go.. Nice try TonyEvl but with that Big Beer Belly you are fooling no-one.

************ UNIPORN GATE ****************

We bring you the latest on this investigation and have found out that the carpenters and toymakers summoned last night were working throughout the night on individul projects, apparently they were kept separated from each other on the directions of a mysterious high ranking official.

This morning the component parts from each worker were brought to the main committee room of the Anti-Corruption HQ.

The master carpenter was then ordered to assemble the parts and upon him finishing was kept under guard until events were played out.

Our man on the inside then tells us that two of the John Galts were brought to the committe room, they were instructed that they were to play each other at a strategy city building and war game until one of them was dominant over the other.

According to our man on the inside once the game was finished the winner stayed at the table and the next John Galt wsas brought in and played.

After eight games one of the John Galts was obviously far superior at working out battle strategy and city plans in that he beat the rest easily, once he had beaten all 10 of the others it was proclaimed that he was the REAL John Galt.

In a statement read out by the High Commander he said."We are now certain that we have the true John Galt in our solitary confinement cell and that the otehr 10 are mere clones, we can be certain of this following our tests".

"Only the true John Galt would be able to fathom out city plans and battle strategies to the standard that he has, his ruthless streak in beating, hands down, all other pretenders shows him to be John Galt".

"We will be questioning him over the next day or two and will decide which charges if any will be brought against both him and TonyEvl".

"We have had a psychiatric examination carriied out on ToyEvl today following his wont of dressing as a woman, we were assured by none other that Taqquin Buttockclencher that this is a ruse, we will not be taken in by it".

So fellow guildies it looks like we now have our two alleged criminals identified and under intense interrogation. We will continue to report on this matter to it's conclusion, the whole ethos and integrity of Atlantis rests on those men and women in the anti-corruption squad getting it right.

So until tomorrow, we sign off, a little better informed and a lot happier knowing that the two 'most wanted' in Atlantis are safely under lock and key. Sleep soundly in your beds.

Copy right reserved TM
Editors:Burnside, Lord Zand
Official Sponsors of the *AFL*
By Royal Appointment.
Award winners.