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Feedback on Mobile Hud changes

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Please use this thread for feedback about the changes to the mobile hud views that some will see today! Thank you!


Hi. I play daily on a Samsung s10 and find that the new icons are too small to be clearly seen. I would be much happier with the old layout as playing the game is harder with the smaller icons and new layout. Why did the developers need to change the layout?


My wife, who plays on a smartphone, is so upset about the new tiny menu icons she's threatening to rage quit.


The new icons are great! Gives much better, unobstructed view. Some, obviously dislike it.

3 things:
- universal chat button placement is quite awkward. For those that don't participate, the button is useless and in the way
- is there really a need for GBG and GE buttons in the pull-out (right bottom)?
- possible to have option in settings for "small buttons" (current layout) and "large buttons" (previous layout)?


I do like the fact that messages are now accessible in GE. Like others have expressed things are getting small and difficult to read even with glasses on and the placement makes the screen feel cluttered and crowded. Option to be able to select buttons to have access to and size in settings would be great

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
This is a feedback thread for the new HUD. GE ranking not showing has nothing to do with that.It is a bug that is being dealt with.
The click and drag troop selection when fighting is a "slight" improvement over the previous, however I'd like to see them take things a bit further to improve it.
1) Have the option of not seeing my city defense troops in the bar. I'm currently SAAB, so use mainly Nail Storms to fight and have 8 Nails as my City defense. Mobile only has 1 row of 10 troops showing, so when choosing Nails I have to go over 8 in blue to the right 2 unnattached showing to choose them.

2) Maybe only show 5 of each troop in the bar so you don't have to scroll past 20 to get to the troop you want, so in SAAB for infantry you'd see 5 Drill Rangers and 5 Rogues. Better yet, In the 10 slots you have room for the 5 troop types, then Rogues, Champion etc. Only age that is an issue is Oceanic as it has 10 troops, so scrolling for others would be required unless you could customize the bar to order the troops based on what you use. PC users have a huge advantage when fighting, as they can replace injured or lost troops and start the next fight far quicker than mobile players.

3) Make the mobile troop selection be like the PC version where you just click on an injured troop and it goes to your troop reserves, then just click on the troop to add to your army.

Just some ideas.