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[Feedback] Message Center Changes

  • Thread starter DeletedUser104881
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Don't like the new message center. Color combination for typing messages is poor. Dark grey on off white? Come on!
It's particularly bad when playing on a PC hooked to a TV and being viewed from a distance.

Why are the swap threads on a different tab then the guild? if swap threads are moved to the guild page, can the guild announcements threads be 'stickied' or will players after to keep searching through.

IMO, the old way was better. For the general user, the new layout id definitely clumsier.
Messeges marked important should be moved to the top and not move with other messeges.
After all, new members should be able to see it when they join the guild.
I made a guild messege with the rules of the guild. If it is moved to the top, new members will immediately see the requirements of the guild without the need to search through all the Guild messeges.


Warrant Officer
I was looking forward to this but now I see this is not that great...

I decided to move swaps, 1,9, market thread, etc to guild category. But then the issue is no one can actually leave any of guild threads, for example those who don't want to participate in swaps. And also I can't remove anyone from guild threads, for example those who brake the rules. So all mentioned threads must stay in social. And my idea was to clear social for direct messages only - I thought that's the point and improvement as having all those threads in one tab is a major clutter. And yes I know that guild threads are automatically updated when new guild member joins, but that doesn't have to mean that no one is allowed to leave them or that admins can't remove or re-add anyone to threads.

Needed change would be to either:

Split social tab in direct messages folder and group messages.

Change guild threads so that admins can remove those who don't want to be a part of any given thread.

Edit : I just realized hide option works for guild threads as well so those who want can hide swaps.
Instead of leaving the threads folks can click on Hide the thread. Top left corner of the thread window, click on the burger icon...and select Hide Conversion..
Instead of leaving the threads folks can click on Hide the thread. Top left corner of the thread window, click on the burger icon...and select Hide Conversion..
What about those who dont follow the rules of the thread - for example when someone place their GBs without adding the correct number of forgepoints in the previous one.
Leaders should be able to remove them without banning them from the guild.

Deleted member 113256

I'm not saying you're wrong. I've always heard people refer to it as the menu icon, but never a burger icon.:P

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
I like the new message centre. As someone who used to have to add new members to a whole bunch of channels, and re-add members who had left and wanted to rejoin, I really like the fact this admin is now completely removed once you've migrated your old channels to guild channels.

We had a lot of questions about it all in guild so I wrote a quick guide to help people come to terms with it all, and hope it may help others too.

Stevie Nix

As others have mentioned, there are some odd rights configurations with this update.

It is useful having all guild members auto-added to Guild threads, but if someone is messing around in swaps (for example) the only control mechanism is to GKick. Fine if it is obvious they are purposely messing around, but less awesome if they are new and don't understand with a possible communication barrier due to language. This also forces Guild business threads which possibly shouldn't be viewed by all members to the Social tab which doesn't seem an organizational fit. It functions, but it feels like we are being forced to work around something which isn't implemented quite right. What about making "visible to all" an option for Guild messages and only those threads auto-add everyone? Then Guild threads without that option can be granularly controlled by people with appropriate rights like usual and it keeps all guild business separated from general Social messages.

Having everyone be able to create threads in Guild with no admin control is a real issue, especially when we have the "Notifiers" right already implemented. But for some reason this right only controls whether someone can delete from Guild and whether they have the convenience of an "add all guild members" button in Social; they can still filter by guild and manually add everyone, so it only controls the appearance of this convenience button, not the actual ability to message all guild members. The "add all guild members" button should just be available to anyone in Social who is in a guild -- it's a "social" tab, anyone should be able to do anything here with a message they are an owner of -- and the Notifiers rights should control ability to create/delete in Guild.

I think the "#Important" filter takes care of "important" guild messages not being sticky and keeps active items (swaps, trade, 1.9) at the top for users, especially with a limited number of threads being visible per page. Ability to hide threads also helps here. We will have to see how it works over time and with onboarding of new members.

So while the update gives us a lot of new message streaming options in a guild, it isn't quite there yet, mostly due to some rights and admin choices/assumptions which don't entirely make sense. A few tweaks (and maybe some message formatting options!) and I think we can finally get rid of the Guild Forum which only web users can access.

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
Two features I don't like:
- If you click on a user avatar then the popup doesn't include an option to message that player. It really really should.
- If you hide a channel then it re-indexes the entire channel and takes you to the top record. Wish it wouldn't.

EDIT: There's also a bug on iOS that the new message indicator on the menu shows when you post a message. The message itself correctly shows that there is nothing new.
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