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New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes


You can read all the details regarding the Guild Expedition changes here.

We're looking forward to your feedback below.
I can handle as challenge - that certainly isn't the issue. →
It's like I said in another thread - chasing after battle boosts is an elusion - a deception -

All the boosts being obtained - and at great cost by some of the dumbasses - is being negated - At least this change is being published. Many changes to attack patterns & battle boosts have not been disclosed. It has already occurred in GbG.


Coulda been fun to have just a 8 run level 5 hard mode, but increased level 4, still gotta wait and see what the changes feel like in game.

Do wish the bonuses on the buildings were higher for their level 2, like face of the ancient, was hoping at least 4%, but at least its something that can be placed anywhere with no roads.

But ToR relics really need updating, the gold dropping a tiny amount of medals is like a fake relic spawn


High level guilds want players capable of finishing level 4. This will make recruitment much more difficult and for new players more challenging to find good guilds which will accept them.

Exactly the opposite of what I've expected when I've heard the change is coming. Most guilds focus on GBG now and GE is something that players just want to get over with as soon as possible since there's enough time invested in GBG and settlements and overly complex events.

New rewards are unworthy of the effort except TF upgrade, and you should have increased the diamond output to make noobs interested in GE, it was hard enough to motivate them even by now.

Argument is that GE was not challenging enough for players with high boosts so you made it overly difficult for those who are just starting out, not even considering that game is much harder as well and those who actually have high boosts didn't get them over night but earned them the hard way over years of building up.

Not sure who makes decisions such as this, but I would say someone who does not have much experience in this game. Sorry but this is not good.


Great. But sold all those useless gates and faces to the AD :-(
TF upgrade is nice :)
Problem is TF upgrade is honestly the only good thing about the entire update, everything else is still AD fodder, the %'s are not high enough for space warranted and tribal squares are still dwarfed by all the giant event buildings we keep getting.

We getting a harder GE and extremely slowly will be getting more fp from our TF's over months as we still AD everything else that drops.

The level 2 Sky watch could be useful to people too, just still quite large size, considering we getting lots of 4 space things that give 2 fp already. The gate? the same bonus as a 1x1 Tower or 2 level 1 towers that are easily placed anywhere.

Like' if they want to make these things actually worth the extra effort, they'd need to buff them as much as they did the Terrace Farm.

Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
A very stupid idea to make L4 harder. It is bad enough that you greatly penalized established high level players with GBG attrition overwhelmingly to the 1,000,000 degree in favor of low level players, but now you'll virtually guarantee new players won't want nothing to do with GE and established guilds, who still do GE, will dump all but the most developed players.

This used to be a fun, lazy game. If I knew this would become a game that required on time dedication daily I would of chosen an RPG where I can log in at leisure and not have to worry about teamwork and not letting others down.


good introduction. eagerly waiting. thanks for keep updating the game. I hope the power gains from doing new GE lvl4 are updated as well.
TF and skywatch upgrade seems the only thing I will go for, rest is good to earn some copper at AD. fountain shrink kit good for those ww farmers.

pls bring gvg on mobile now

Deleted member 118885

Or a split between Lvl 4 "normal" and Lvl 4 "hard" with new rewards would be another way of doing it if the old difficulty were kept in some way
Yeah make a proposal ember or can i make it please