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Already Suggested: Feature to save up to 4 pre-configured armies

Feature to save up to 4 pre-configured armies

  • Yes

    Votes: 6 85.7%
  • No

    Votes: 1 14.3%

  • Total voters



Add an army management feature that allows players to set up to 4 pre-defined armies, so that you can replace the current army with a pre-defined combination of troops with a single click


Most players use 1-2 army combination over and over again. It is tedious and time consuming to remove troops and add the new ones. There is no thought to this, as you typically use the same army combinations, so why make us do it?


This feature would require a new screen that you could access from Army Management. It would allow you to select an Army Slot (up to 4 available) and drag troops into the 8 positions available in that army slot. Then, from army management you could simply click a button numbered 1-4 to cause the current army to be replaced with the specified pre-defined army.

This feature could also be used to replace injured troops in an army, if you selected the army slot with the same type of army (this could replace or complement my other suggestion from today to allow troops to be refreshed)

Visual Aids:


Not required

Abuse Prevention:

Not required


Especially with the recent addition of battlegrounds, players are finding there is just too much tedious clicking in the game. Inno need to seriously consider usability improvements such as this to reduce the tedium of mindless clicking. If we are using the same army composition over and over again, why not give us features to support the way we play?
Of all the ideas you've posted this is one that I would like to see (even though it's been suggested before)

I'm constantly changing my army on battlegrounds but generally through 3 or 4 predictable combinations, I play GbG on 2 worlds and will usually do only 30 fights on one and up to 80 on the other, some people do many more.

Constantly changing the army takes a lot of time and it would be good to have a set of pre-defined ones that I could just select, of course as you've said, it would have to automatically select the healthiest of the units available, it would be no good if put units in a set and they stayed there once damaged.


The idea has similarities but mine is better ;) if you like the idea and want this feature, just vote for it. If variants of the same idea are presented and we get one of them into the app then we all win yeah?


The idea has similarities but mine is better
Yeah, right. Much better than all the other similar ideas. You are God's gift to the game.

if you like the idea and want this feature, just vote for it.
Like all previous times it was proposed.

If variants of the same idea are presented and we get one of them into the app then we all win yeah?
Sure. PC players will put up a statue for you.


You’ve replied to all my posts. Everything
you said is a waste of time. Just like I feel I’m wasting my time even trying to post anything here. I give up. I don’t have the energy.


Read what you are supposed to do before you post an idea.
It makes the forum experience so much smoother...
Soldatos was another Idea Spicket - They came out every few minutes - glad he gave up. Anyone who disagreed with his ideas was a hater - lol

Anyway a multi-army select would be useful - but isn't likely to happen - oh well. If at 1st you don't succeed - try & try & try again.