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Forwarded: Feature to repeat recurring quests

Add a feature to allow users to repeat a specific recurring quest

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • No

    Votes: 4 44.4%

  • Total voters
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This is under discussion, please see the previous post @thelegend88. Just waiting for feedback before making an update.
Sorry but I didn't understand what is there to discuss? Only way to balance it is to limit the amount of quests CF can boost per day like St Mark's has a limit or LoA as well. And that would be awful.


@thelegend88 I agree, and others have pointed out, that there is a problem with CF. However I believe this relates to the unbirthday party quest and had suggested this could be excluded.

This suggestion requires adding just 1 button to an existing screen.

We all spend much of the game with 2 recurring quests active, so improvements to this UX would benefit us all.

For R’lyeh; if you can spend multiples of the quest amount and get the reward without having to leave the gb screen, collect a reward, abort a bunch of quests and go back to the gb. Having this automated doesn’t mean you suddenly exploit anything in a new way, you just spend far less time doing a menial chore.

For Fnord you could do a collection and get the reward automatically as you collected the quest amount. Similarly if you favour the supply collection. Similarly if you make specific productions.

I think you’d agree that there wouldn’t be “abuse” in all these cases? The problem, I believe, is with the unbirthday quest, and that problem already exists.. but I’m happy to amend the OP to exclude that one. There might be a counter argument tho for including it anyway as it would be pretty easy to script something that competed the quest repeatedly, so having a better UI would mean you at least weren’t punishing those who don’t cheat. But if consensus is to exclude UBQ then I’m completely fine with that

Sounds good yeah?


OP updated to suggest UBQ be excluded. Hope that works better for people now.


Do you think the problem with Chateau relates exclusively to unbirthday?
Not really. It'd just shift the focus from one quest to another quest.

Recurring quests only appear when there's nothing else to put in a spot where the game is saying there should be an active quest. That would indicate it's only meant to be a filler not a main feature. What makes it a "problem" is its power in comparison to its environment as it can outperform entire cities. Yet you don't need them to build a functioning city and "finish" the game in a reasonable time frame.

Pair RQs with a Lvl 80 CF and with the 500% boost it makes recurring quests output 5 times faster then without the CF

It’s not the same idea. My proposal would have reward collected automatically, you wouldn’t click a button every time. You could sit on a GB screen and deposit fp in multiples of the R’lyeh quest and it would collect the reward and start the quest again without leaving the screen.
I'm sure that's also already been suggested in previous ideas though I'd need to search for it to make sure it wasn't just in the comments.

If it was auto complete then it needs some counter measure applied that doesn't make the CF pointless while also not making the CF crazy OP more then it already is. Even if it was just a straight 50% cut of whatever you would get after boosts applied.


Whilst this has been forwarded before in various formats it was a long time ago so it will be forwarded again. thank-you.


not realy Agent collecting constant feedback with suport on ideas of the player base helps devs know in what direction their players want game to go towards and there for know on what to work to make game beter in the eyes of their players
You just don't get it do you?
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