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Fall Event 2020 Feedback Thread


This event is great, in a blog they share their experience and give advice, hopefully we can all finish the complete kit:

This is how you find it in the search engine: 2020 FALL EVENT Forge of empires Experts

You can customize your gardens, I decided on an attack garden, although I spend a little diamonds. there you will find more tricks


Thomas Covenent

Basically, the Barn itself is absolute hot garbage, but there are some hilariously stupid & over-powered combos that can be easily achieved via maxing out on the Wheat + Ochre + Begonia Bench fields. ;)

Apparently there's some combos for 450-500k diamonds that will give an instant 650-700%+ atk & 250-300%+ def boost to attacking armies. :O
...not sure if anyone is quite that crazy, but hey, it's possible?!
Oh, and none of that requires a road either, so, even more levels of epic-win!:D

Thomas Covenent

500,000 thousand diamonds - holy mackerel Batman - that's a lot of Ice
I doubt anyone with any level of common sense would ever go that bonkers, but hey, maybe someone is crazy enough to bite on that kind of an instant military boost?! o_O

...iirc, by completing the entire quest line + daily log-ins + collecting all incidents, it's suggested you'll enough up with around 190-200+ total ingredients, which provided you're careful in your baking, should be enough to gain 4 selection kits via the grand prizes.
Add 2 kits from the quest line milestones + 1-2 more depending on league finish, and for 0 dias, a player should be able to acquire 7-8 selection kits for building their choice of fields.

That's still enough for say, 1x bench + 2x ochre + 3-4 wheat fields for a solid attacking army boost. :)

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
anyone has the productions needed for the event calculated ??
Same question. I have found a source for the "base numbers", and need to know:

Is the required number of productions the same for everyone or age-specific?

If the latter, what are the factors (the multipliers)?


This should be good. I think it'll start 6:30 where I live (Sydney time). What about everyone else? Whoever's closest to correct gets 10 forge points from me.


Hmm, that shouldn't happen, should it? Forcing some players to step up an era on the map. :?
my map is on FE, i would need more than an era for that :D
i posted it because it is the 1st time i see "Event" related rewards on a Daily Challenge, ain't bad idea