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Contact Support: Facebook Game Reset


I logged in via my Google account, and it was synced, but now when I login on Facebook only, and select my world, which is Rugnir, it started all over again. On my mobile, it isn't reset.

Update: I just realised that even though it says SquiddyKat on the top-right (PC), when I go to my profile, I see that my username is different. It's 'Amitis The Brash 1110'

Update: I just removed the game/app from my Facebook, and tried again, this time there was no login button, it said continue at Kat, which was my only option.
I did that, it is still the same username as posted above. When I select Facebook in the game on my mobile, it is reset there too. It's not synced to my Google account like it was before. Facebook and my Google account used to be synced together until sometime earlier today.

Update: I figured out how to get the alternative login screen; I have to go to Facebook.com/ForgeOfEmpires, then click 'Play Game', from there I can log into my Google account. It actually, go to this website now, instead of Facebook.

Faceook must've updated their website, so it is broke, at least I can play it on PC.
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That’s not a bug. You’ll need to link to email if you want to carry over your facebook account between mobile and desktop


I was playing on my SquiddyKat account on Facebook, as I have mentioned, then it reset and gave me a random username without choice.
After awhile, I clicked the 'Play Game' button on the Facebook page, and it took me to this website instead of playing via Facebook, which is good. As long as I can play via PC, that is good. ^_^
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