Expansions beyond 30,000 medals


When are the controllers of this game going to unlock a lot,and i mean a lot,of the unavailable expansions currently left in our cities?.....I am as advanced as you can be both in the tech tree and on the world map,i haven't had an expansion available for at least a month and after looking around my city i calculate that i've 59 expansions to use with NONE available....To me this makes me think that the controllers should have opened many many more expansions in previous ages,i expect they'll only open 2-3 when the next new age begins....This is way too few...Can't they see that the enjoyment of this game is beginning to wane thanks to the lack of building space available?.....To be this far advanced into the game and have 20 expansions un-available would be bad enough but to actually have 59 is very depressing and as i've already said is ruining my enjoyment of the game....Anyone else think the lack of expansions at this late stage in the game is utterly stupid and ruining the game?