Duplicate: Expansion land dissapears from the list


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I had 2 pieces of land to put down, 1 for medals and 1 for coins. When I used the medals for 1 expansion, the other expansion just dissapeared from my list.
The one I used with my medals was underneath the one with the coins and they both dissapeared from my list after only using one as I didn't have enough coins to place it.


Yes, it sounds like the bug that has been there for years and never fixed (there's a surprise). Reload your city and check again. You should see the other expansion available to place (coins permitting).


mrbeef's post is correct --- the game lets you access one type of expansions at a time, and requires a refresh for the others to display. This has been passed on and is known, though so far there has been no change on that front.

If that does not help and you continue experiencing issues, please do let us know.