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Do Not Suggest: Expanding Battle/GB's with Orbs for future ages

An ORB mechanic in FOE?

  • No

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  • Yes, but very simple

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Been playing this game since 2012, now more as a passive player with my morning coffee then back in the days.
The new age has started and as relaxing FOE is , I am in no hurry to move forward , there is no point.
Same same... if you catch my drift.
Could be something interesting to look a bit at RPG games and take a couple of mechanics from them in a simplified form.

Military ORBS.

An ORB could be in different colors, function, use and rarity and would be an artifact you could collect in Battleground/Antique dealer/GE and with special GB's.

One ORB could be : 1% more defence against Fast units
One ORB could be : Electricity , % change to immobilize a unit.
etc ..
Creativity is the limit here.

Orbs could be a one time use , or you could create Orbs that have a 100 time use., or an endless use.
You could create an Orb factory , where you can merge lesser quality Orbs for better Orbs.

Orbs could be time limited , or per fight.
Or Orbs could get connected to certain units.
For example :
You can put in 4 max ORB's for heavy units
- a white unit orb : 5% more attack against light units and 3% more defence against Heavy
- a green attack orb : with 3 % more attack
- a purple general orb : % change to get certain died units back ( whatever).
- a gold FP orb : % chance to get a fp if a heavy unit dies.
etc etc..
Creativity is endless here.

Since every Orb can have different stats , it would make the gameplay way more attractive.
Off course this is heavy for the devs to implement and to balance it right.
But they can start with a simplified version and peek at other RPG games to see how they balanced these things.

A very simple one , there is no End game in FOE. Once you reach the last age , the only thing you can do is up your GB's for more FP's or attack/defence.
The new GB's clearly lack any creativity and I don't see ANY users that are in the last age, building it.
There is no enticing farming

This is an abstract new game mechanic for foe , that has been used in countless RPG games and worked well.
What is technical possible is the big question here.

Visual Aids:

I think they should stick this in a new age , like they did with the asteroid/venus.
Orbs should only work against ages that have orbs as well.
Balancing the ORBS is always work , but they have 20 years of RPG games before them that made it work.
No need to reinvent the wheel.
Start simple and expand.

Abuse Prevention:
Could be done intelligently like any GB


FOE needs a new game mechanic, the endgame bores users and the GVG/BG prices are not fulfilling enough,.
Orbs could be a mechanic , or anything peeking at well done RPG games , could help users feel like they are building towards something.
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