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Eviscerate Bunnies recruiting commanders interested in low age GvG


Founded: 23. 10. 2017

We're a small, friendly, GvG oriented guild mostly aimed at lower age players, but anybody who wants to join is welcome. Also, someone with a sense of style would be nice, so that forum threads won't look so dull. Other than that, we're looking for players that want to fight battles, contribute to our war effort by supplying troops, goods or just play GE. Don't be shy to apply, if you're new to the game, we don't mind explaining stuff.

Here's some general information you might want to know:

FP swaps:

We have 10 FP, 20 FP and flexible swap threads to fit all your needs.

We encourage the use of supply/coin based trade ratios as calculated by this calculator, however no rules are enforced. Trade ratios up to LMA are the same as in the so-called "Fair Trade" system (eventhough it's far from fair, but I digress).
Trades up to LMA made according to the mentioned calculator (known also as Guild Compliant Trades) are regularly cleared out by me.

Guild Expeditions (GE):
We are unlocking level 3 of GE weekly (will unlock 4, if people are interested). Please try to solve as many encounter as you can. Both you and the guild will benefit from it :)

Guild vs Guild (GvG):
We aim to participate in IA and later LMA GvG. All shall learn to fear us. Our starting goal is to obtain a foothold and we already have the strength to do it. Further expansion will likely require more players, though.

We feel that activity is very important, therefore ranks are cleared weekly (on Sundays). Tresholds for removing players:
- 7 days of inactivity without notice
- 14 days of inactivity (if you're unable to play the game for an extended period of time you are welcome to rejoin once you return)
- unwillingness to contribute to guild effort (either by participating in GE, GvG or donating goods; if you're unsure how to contribute, don't be afraid to ask)

Thanks for reading! Like what you read? Contact Lord Kazzak for more information or an invite.