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Event Hub Feedback

By the name event 'hub', thought like initiating the past events once again. After reading the details, really felt disappointed. Because, it is just to make me stop google for getting event information for a year (upcoming, completed etc).

Why not giving an option to initiate the previous events for players. With that option they can play whichever event they want in anytime of year.

Is there any trouble doing it.
Even if conflicts with current upcoming events, can put a limitation like maximum 2 events only possible for a player to currently make active in a city.

Myself wanted to play the Halloween event and archaeology event together, summer and winter events together. My personal interest purely.
IMO, it would bring more interest to FOE players instead of just giving the progress/rewards of events.
I had been hoping it would be something that you could have picked an event to play from over 2 years ago (even for a small diamond cost) especially the historical quests and the early valentines etc

in the way that the AD has things from over 1 year ago in it
Make this hub like the Settlements.
In the settlement, you can choose which settlement you want to participate in.
It will be a good idea if you can do the same with the event hub, so that we can choose which event we play.

Thomas Covenent

People have the wrong idea I think about this...

This is basically just a fancy looking calendar that gives players a heads-up of the yearly event cycle & roughly when the next one will begin.
As a tiny bonus, if you finish an event, then get a minor bonus for your city for a few days for just doing what most of us normally do.

At the very least, it hopefully stops people from clogging up the forums & constantly asking when & what the next event/s will be. ;)


I know that we are well used to Inno endlessly repeating events rather than coming up with new ideas each time but this just shows that there is no hope (past the next exciting new event) that there will be any more new ones any time soon. As others have said - it provides nothing of use but takes away a questline milestone reward. The only thing that keeps me playing is setting myself harder and harder personal challenges as Inno don't seem to want to fulfill that role instead wasting developers' time on useless additions.


supply boost working .. ? just checked and it doesn't, will check again in 1h maybe needs some time to start working ... ?


Supply boost timer is working on the hub but not being applied to production building collection, I have checked this on several worlds, it also doesn't show up in the town hall.