Equinox - Level 56 - 6FP's daily from town hall - Recruiting!


Master Corporal
Equinox Guild - Level 56 - Benefits:
6FP's per day from town hall
27% reduction in recruitment time
14% reduction in building costs

A high level guild with little GVG and a focus on guild development through guild expeditions, great building promotion and mutual support.

A guild FOR ACTIVE PLAYERS ONLY. If you wish to join you should be willing to Aid, help with guild members great buildings and support the trade system. You must have a minimum of 200,000 points or have won at least 500 fights.

Please do not waste our time by joining if you are not active or if you want to play GVG. Our rules are simple and members who do not support their fellow guildies will be kicked.

For an invite please message one of the founders: kraljmilutin, Joe Black or RitzyD