Epic Empires - December Competition

Kimba Lioness

Do you have a beautiful city you'd like to share? We are on the lookout for some awe-inspiring, innovative or creative city pics.

We are looking for visually pleasing empires, this does not have to be a fully functioning city in that you have enough coin/supply/goods builds etc. You are welcome to add a piece of text to accompany the image if you have a short story but this is not required and is optional.

Submit an "e-Pic" of your Empire for a chance at grabbing the title of the e-Pic Empire contest!

And we're giving 1000 diamonds to the winner every month.

How to submit your city

It's easy to submit your city picture. Simply take a screenshot of your city (it has to be your city!), upload it (Imgur is a pretty good, free, upload site), and then add a link to your picture in a reply below.

To submit your entry, you will need a forum account. If you don't already have one, you can register to the forums quickly and easily here.

On the 1st of every month the Community Manager will go through all your entries and choose 1 winner, who will then be awarded 1000 diamonds!

All winners will be added onto the Epic Empires Winners Thread each month so you can view their amazing work, as well as having their image posted on the Official @FoEmpires twitter page !

We look forward to seeing your beautiful Empires!

  • 1 entry is permitted per month.
  • The city must belong to the person posting it.
  • Images must be no larger than 1024 x 768 and under 500kb.
  • Those adding more than one image, the first entry will count only.


It is said one picture is worth a thousand words, but since the instructions were for an optional short story, decided to make things brief. But I felt that a picture without any explanation would be far less epic and more just e-pic.


Some years back a new lord moved into the city and provided a lot of commotion by moving the entire town hall to function downstairs from his fancy private residence. He brought along him word of the True God, who would strike down all pagan influences and this word is vehemently spread by the red priests associated with this religion.

At first it started small and no one paid much attention to the silliness of one lord over another and this new faith had time to manifest itself into the city. They began by converting most of the armed forces and thus gaining a very powerful ally. Since then there’s been a clear divide in the city between those who accepted the new faith, and are flying its reddish colors, and those who didn’t.

Recently almost all city development has been focused in an entirely new direction, sprouting from the lords dwellings and high end services like doctor’s appointments, visits to the shrine of knowledge or proper burials are for believers only.

The peasants have proven to be very resilient to the influences of this new faith by sticking to their old traditions with a great statue of their pagan god, the local champion working in his name and other superstitious traditions like tossing coins in the wishing well or performing animal sacrifices on top of their sacred tower.

The merchant class being trapped between these two feuding parties has fared less successfully, since limiting the space of their marketplaces and buying out their businesses has proven a valuable tool in the forced conversion so far.

Lately the red priests took upon a huge project to build a great church for their god which was funded with extra taxes collected from the “unbelievers” at sword point to account for their sins. This naturally caused great uproar and unrest, which has lead to the lord trying to appease his subjects by funding a new farm and extra shows at the local theater. Problem is that these acts are suspiciously seen as good excuses to spread the colors of the new faith amidst the peasants to subtly influence their views.

The majority of the townsfolk upset with these troubled times are finding easy answers by blaming the priests and their religion as being perverted by the devil himself, but the more perceptive among them have noticed that trouble started almost immediately after the appearance of a strange black obelisk, which they attribute to being the cause of violent ideas and mistrust in one another.

Kimba Lioness

Many thanks for all your entries again :) this competition is now closed.

A winner will be announced later today, good luck to all :D


no announcement yet on Decembers winner.?

(i'm sure the winner would have liked to have got their diamonds before the winter event finished)