en7 law of the land update


Second Lieutenant
Dear servants,

LOW council passed new laws regarding your guilds. We are happy to announce that we will try to work hard to relieve a burden on you.

First, we lower the monthly payment by Insane Asylum. As we received the payment for December, we are still waiting for the payment for January for top2 position. We decided to lower it from 500 to 450 FP per month. We know that everybody needs FPs, and we try to accommodate this difficult situation.

Second, since FIREBIRD guild is quite ineffective, we decide to close it within next 7 days. Please remove members. FIREBIRD leaders might come to LOW for training and in the future they might be able to start a new successful guild.

Third, we spoke to sking444 from Unseen, and he agreed to delete all his buildings to start produce goods for LOW. We will post usually lumber and wine and we will take Tomorrow Era goods back. As far as I understand more members from Unseen are ready to do similar brave move. We encourage this behavior that strengthens our relationship.

Fourth, we currently transferring Apocalypse from position 4 to position 40. In other words we are giving an extra digit to Apoc score. I know most of Apoc players are excited but please just hang around with us. We will get there. Also, we are teleporting their goods tomorrow era to far future arctic era. The tomorrow goods will be stored in frozen form.

Fifth, we are renaming Foo Fighters to Labyrinth. We informed goodthing about doing this and he already carried out the task. goodthing will focus in future on bringing more inactive players to this guild and goodthing will help them to get lost in this game. Also, we decided to rename Antonia01 to goodthing, and goodthing to Antonia01. This has been already done too.

I appreciate your cooperation on behalf of LOW emepror council. We will inform supreme council what they need to get done in the future.
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I would like to thank LoW for their contribution to our guild. putting pawelp's joke about the FP contributions aside; apparently there is a generous instruction that LoW members should lower their defenses in order to be plundered on daily basis.

So... everyone who has LoW members in the hood: Free goods for everyone (first come first serve...)


This is ok too kingahmed as we have already implemented these factors into our scheme, however it may need a slight adjustment and I believe we need to train you / IA a little better in maths...as you must have worked out already 10 FE goods doesn't = 60k TE goods or 50k ME goods does it? which just happens to be your guild loss in the last 2 days.

Lord Ice

Chief Warrant Officer
G -Laws . There are but 2.
1 . Ignore all pompous doo-doo written by the hand of Paw-Paw , or his pet poodle T-T .
2 . Remember to remember Law 1 , at all times.

- these will stand you in good stead , as you navigate the server you had the misfortune to be placed within , where these 2 "demi-gods" ply their illicit trades .


...where these 2 "demi-gods" ply...
Please, please, please give the title Demi-God to me too. (I like it even more when capitalized.) It is indeed a very cool title to own. I would feel so much more acknowledged and appreciated.
As it is now, I feel a bit overlooked. Both are very good players but they would not have come this far on their own. It does take a great guild backing them and I'm proud to be part of that.
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