Elders of Dinegu looking for members


We are a solid team of four players who have entered the Gold League in the Guild Battlegrounds. Beings so few is very hard on this level. Now we are looking to expand with 2-3 new members, so we are holding the door open for auto-join until we have found what we are looking for. It doesn't matter which era you are playing in or how well you already know the game. We help each other. We are not doing swap-threads, we only agree on how many forgepoints we drop into each others Great Buildings every day. You play at your own pace, but it is desired that you enjoy the Guild Battlegrounds. We do. Pop in. Get to know us, and see if we are the right guild for you. If nothing else, we like to think we hold intelligent conversations. Mostly. Just because I wrote that, somebody is probably going to say something utterly stupid as soon as you join.