Easter Event


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Bearing in mind I am based in GMT , does anyone know whether the Egg PLANTING period ends at 00:01 on the 23rd April or 23:59 on the 23rd April ??? and likewise the trading period , does it end on 00:01 of the 27th April or 23:59 27th April ???


23rd April is the last day for the event. To find the exact time, you can look in the Egg Trader where there is a timer countdown hidden behind the ? in the top right hand corner. This will be very useful in the last few hours of the event to make sure everyone gets their last few eggs hidden and collected.

This is the timer for the end of the Event on 23rd April:

Event end timer.png

This is the timer for the end of the Egg Trade-in:

Easter Egg Trade-in timer.png

Ignore the times given in the images, they were accurate when the images were made.
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