Donating to GBs: When, and How much. For Newer Players

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    Once you are in iron age, you gain an option to donate fps to others' gbs.

    If you've checked someone else's gb out, more often than not, there will beafew people that donate hundreds of fps at the top, and people who donate 1or 2 fps at the bottom. Now you may ask the question, what is the most optimal use for my fps?

    Here is a simple formula you can use to find this:

    Few things I want to define first:


    The Total number of fps you can put into this gb before it levels up is 560-344, or 216. Lets call this "Total Left Over"
    The Target rank is the fp cost to equal the person in the rank you want to get to. Lets call this "Target"

    So the formula is ("Total Left Over" - "Target")/2 + "Target", rounded up

    Confusing? Lets take an example. Lets say in that gb up there you want to be in second place.

    You know that the "Total Left Over" is 216, and the "Target" is 15. right?

    So ("Total Left Over" - "Target")/2 + "Target" is (216-15)/2 + 15 rounded up... which is 116.

    What this tells us is that not counting the fps we will be returned with, this spot will cost us 116 fps at the most.

    Here is another nice formula:

    Lets call the number of fps you put in the gb "Total Donated"
    Lets call the number of fps that spot gives back "Fp Return"
    Finally, the number of bps that spot gives is "BP"

    So ("Total Donated" - "Fp Return")/("BP") is your net fp cost per blueprint.

    Now you probably intuitively understood some form of these two formulas, but what I want to point out is that at this point, there is no hard logic to the cheapest way to obtain bps. This part is entirely up to you.

    There have been many many many players, I would even hazard to say most, that have gotten away by saying "eh, whatever, I don't think they will pass me", and then there have been those unlucky ones that gripe when they realized they were passed right before the gb leveled up. Here, you have to play a baiting game.

    First, dont dump a solid 50 fps in and not visit the gb again. Put just enough in to make it appear that you are a competitor for the spot (in the above example, maybe 25). See who takes the bait and beats your number, and see who doesn't. Now, you have to slowly get the others to donate as they race you in donations, b/c otherwise you would be bearing the brunt of the fps donations and that would stink for you. At a certain point, you "cut and run". Plug the numbers into the first formula, figure out what will assure you the spot you want, and be done with it.

    As you donate more and more often you will not need to follow such a inflexible pattern, and you will be able to estimate how you would go about paying the least amount of fps for the bps.

    The second thing I want to talk about is tagging a gb. Something you can do is donate 1 fp to a gb that looks opportunistic to you. This way, you can donate to this gb even if they remove you from their friends list or leave your hood. The second thing this does is allow you to visit this gb from the gbs panel in the home menu. Now you can access all your potential gbs from one spot at the slight cost of 1 fp (and for all you know, that 1 fps will become part of the fps you end up donating)

    Ending point are these:
    Think through yourself what you consider is a fair price for a bp (ie. how many net fps are you will willing to pay per bp)
    There are ways to see exactly how much a spot will cost at most, don't overshoot these numbers
    Likewise, don't donate eactly that amount in one shot, play a baiting game to cause others to donate fps to the gb and reduce your burden
    Know the limit (ie. know when you should hit the spots max donating cap and be done with it)
    A little bit of mistakes at the start is going to happen, without them, you will not get skilled at donating
    (Yes, I consider optimum donating a skill in FOE :))
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    That's me all the time :P lol
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    Thank you. This is a very useful explanation.
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    I have to agree, it is a very good explanation indeed.
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    I agree, early days I was bypassed a few times but of late I have started to watch those around me and acted accordingly.
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    This is a good tactic for a loner.

    Here is an opposit tactic based on good business.

    I have found someone I trust. And we slowly built up to large fp trades. Now it's Usually in blocks of 100 to 500 over about a week. As we get close to leveling we usually put out a note to our guild inviting folks for cheap rewards.

    Our buildings level up quick. We consistently get rewards.
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    if you have a friend you can also try this:

    suppose F is the total fp cost for the level, A is the value of the top contribution, B is the sum of the current contributions

    you and a friend each put (F-B+A)/3. That way you are guaranteed the top 2 spots.
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    I don get that cost per blueprint , iḿ missing some information there..
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    It can also help to communicate with other donators, I recently had the top spot in a GB, over half the FP's for that level, so I messaged the no 2 donator and explained I would not be putting more FP's into the building it was up to him and the other s on the list
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