Dogs are people too are looking for members interested in Iron Age GvG (not required to join)

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  1. Lord Kazzak

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Guild Name: Dogs are people too

    Leader(s) of the Guild: MrDGOrman, Marie the greatest, Lord Kazzak

    Requirements to Join: Be friendly

    Resources we have to trade:
    We clear out trades up to LMA following the 1:2 up one age, 1:1 across same age and 2:1 down one age rule or better regularly, so your low age trading should be taken care of. Our highest era member is in Postmodern Era, though, so there is some trading going on up to that age as well.

    Why we rock:
    We're a chill guild which unlocks difficulty 3 of GE weekly and are looking for players interested in participating in Iron Age GvG. We've established a foothold, but we need YOU to storm the continent! Well. We're not that ambitious. Holding 7 or so sectors would be great. Is that ambitious?
    We also have several FP rotation threads, so you'll always have somewhere to spend extra FPs.
    If you're not interested in GvG but like what you read, please send us a message or reply here anyways! We're always happy to take on new recruits.