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Do you have what it takes to be a Revolver?


Greetings Brisgardians,

Revolver, a Guild Expedition and Guild vs Guild focused guild on Brisgard, is actively recruiting new members.

____________ ~ * ♚ * ~ ____________

Who is Revolver?
Revolver is a guild composed of serious but fun players on Brisgard. We want to see our guild and each other grow and rise through the rankings, but we also want to have fun at the same time.

Rapidly rising through the guild rankings and, at the time of this post, being within the top 5 guilds on Brisgard, Revolver is a force to be reckoned with. While the members of the guild have fun, enjoy friendly chats, laughs and drinks with each other, our neighbours and enemies watch us wearily from their makeshift sanctuaries under their tables, wondering when and what Revolver is going to hit next.

But Revolver isn't always a bloodthirsty war machine. The guild also helps others to build and grow. Our guild-wide and personal Great Building clubs have helped members build and level Great Buildings. Our fair trades often dominate the Brisgard marketplace. And our very experienced members are always happy to guide others to be better, stronger, wiser and wealthier.

____________ ~ * ♚ * ~ ____________

Who is Revolver looking for?
At this moment in time, we are looking for players who fit the following criteria:
  • Are able to play on PC (or use a flash-integrated browser on mobile), at least sometimes, so they can use features not available on the app.

  • Are able to participate in Guild Expedition and Guild vs Guild - even ifnyiure just placing DAs(or at least be able to farm goods to donate to the treasury for GvG fighters to use).

  • Are in the Colonial Age or above.

  • Will motivate or polish other members when possible.

  • Will help with new Great Buildings.

  • Will donate to the guild treasury.

  • Is serious about the game while capable of having fun and a good laugh at the same time.

____________ ~ * ♚ * ~ ____________

What benefits are there for those who join?

There are plenty of benefits for members of Revolver:
  • All the usual Town Hall forge points, building time and troop training time bonuses from a rapidly growing guild level.

  • Skilled and experienced players ready to give you tips and help you.

  • The ability to plan far ahead for event quests.

  • Training in Guild vs Guild from experienced fighters.

  • A mixed variety of people from all backgrounds to chat to and make friends with.

  • Multiple forge point swap threads as well as a trade sharing thread.

  • Participate in an optional lottery to win forge points into one of your Great Buildings.

  • A fair trading policy is strictly enforced unless otherwise agreed with other members. Trades are usually taken relatively quickly (timezone dependent, of course).

  • Newly built Great Buildings will quickly be pulled out of the mud by fellow members.

  • Clubs that will help you to quickly build and level up certain guild-benefitting Great Buildings.

  • Immunity from being plundered, probably daily, by a Revolver neighbour.

Warning: Selfish freeloaders, non-contributors and those who expect something for nothing will be kicked immediately. We are a co-operational guild that works together to help each other.

____________ ~ * ♚ * ~ ____________

Join Revolver
If you are interested in joining Revolver, get in touch in-game with either:
  • QueenLynett
  • Skott Ravenfyre

____________ ~ * ♚ * ~ ____________
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