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Disturbing noises are still there at GE


Good morning . At General Expedition there are noises to be heard which don't go away. I had reported this problem some weeks ago already. I have been told that they are working on it to solve the problem , which didn't happened. So I am still waiting and cannot play GE. If there is something else that you may not like from me, just say so. Regards


(I'm making the assumption that this report regards the movement noises that continue after the unit stops moving, and can't be stopped other than by reloading the game.)

Will not fix? Unacceptable! This problem has been there before, been reported (including by me), been fixed, and then returned an update or two later, then reported again, fixed again, etc.. It obviously can be fixed, and, once fixed, should be possible to keep fixed. Whatever you're trying to achieve, that keeps causing this problem, quit trying to do it. Trust me: The absence of whatever it is isn't bothering me a bit, and certainly won't make me quit the game. If you think others will quit over the absence, then it should be important enough to put some real effort in, and get it done properly. This is immensely annoying, and more so because it keeps happening. It's destroying all enjoyment of battles.

There's no surer way of making me walk away, than to keep annoying me. So far, I've been patient, waiting for the next fix, but, if I loose faith that a fix is forthcoming, my patience will snap.
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Please accept our apologies this should have been tagged as cannot reproduce.

There has been a recent update which should have fixed any sound issues you were experiencing. Please could you confirm if you are still experiencing these issues and if so the steps we could use to recreate?


I haven't experienced this bug since the last fix, though there's the caveat that I've done a lot less fighting, due to another bug.


I can confirm that this problem is still there. I observed it in a neighborhood battle, LMA, the unit whose movement sound continued was Heavy Infantry, the sound didn't end when Heavy Infantry moved again (unlike a previous, similar bug), and it persisted after the battle was over. The browser was Google Chrome, Version 65.0.3325.181 (64-bit), running on a fully updated Windows 7 system.

It's not game-breaking, but it sure is annoying. Very, very annoying. Very. Annoying. Imagine me continuously and harshly whispering "very annoying" into your ear, until you reload the page. That's how annoying it is.

It may be less scary than a strange man walking up to you and whispering harshly in your ear, though.


I forgot: My line-up was 1 Musketeer and 7 Rogues. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the defence line-up, by now. There was 1 trebuchet, though, and 2 Heavy Infantry. There was also fast units, light units, and ranged units. The number and era evades me, but I assume they were HMA or LMA.