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Implemented: Distinguish difference between demand and provided happiness

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Make what affects demand for happiness a bit more clearer

Have you...:
No similar ideas (mainly because this has not been an issue until now :p)

Mainly because of the Junkyard issue here, but there are other spots where this also needs to be addressed

Details/Visual Aid:
Currently, the Junkyard is affecting demand for happiness, but the symbol they use is controversial, so many think it is only subtracting 500 from the provided happiness. I believe the best way to solve this problem would be to have two different symbols for demand and provided.
This is how the Happiness indicator would look with the change:
So the Junkyard would now look like this:
And houses would now look like this:

*I don't know whether to keep the demand up in the gain area or not, but it's not really my choice anyways :p
Balance/Abuse Prevention:
No effect on either

Give a a better way to distinguish what is affecting provided and demanded happiness

I do also have two other options to solve the Junkyard issue if you seem this idea isn't good enough, but note that the purpose of this idea is to also show other spots in where the happiness icon is displayed, but may have been affecting demanded rather than provided (i.e. happiness symbol when selling or just built residential building) -
2) Change happiness according to the city's happiness: This will still put the Junkyard affecting the demand for happiness, but it will show the amount of happiness to reach normal or delighted mattering if you're city is delighted, normal, or mad. If mad, it will show -500, if normal or delighted, it will show -700

3) Static -700 happiness: This will just subtract 700 from the provided happiness. Note that this option would probably the least likely to be implemented by the devs as it looked like they preferred it to affect the demand, but hey, might as well try ;)
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+1, always for clearer explanations.
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Not a bad idea, but it would be 10x easier and less confusing to players if they just fixed the current bug which creates this confusion in first place. Take for example Junkyard: either have it with -700 symbol and the happiness actually going under the correct column, or fix where the -500 is going now(demand). Having it go where it is going right now(into demand), makes the whole feature almost irrelevant from the actual population needed in regards to cultural output you need to pay for it. I mean right now you can just add up the happiness penalty and population reqs to see what effect building that supply building would have on your culturals. And if you wanna keep enthusiastic, you just multiply that total with 1.4, if not, keep it at 1.0. It would much more interesting and complex feature if it actually worked the way it's described to work.


Personally I think option 3 is best as it is simplest! I still like the original idea and it will be needed if they continue to add things that "add" to demand for happiness.


Total happiness demand has always been 1.4 x population. Except when you have Junkyards.

Every building that actually has a tooltip with "Permanent Effect" and amount of happiness adds that number to happiness produced. Except Junkyard.

Houses increase demand for happiness. Well guess what: they don't have a tooltip with "Permanent Effect" and a sad face with negative number.

The way I see it, there are three ways to fix this to be consistent and remotely user friendly. Listed here in the order of least amount of work:
1) Fix the bug and have Junkyard provide -500 happiness. The happy faces. -500 of them. Number just happens to be negative.
2) Add tooltip "Permanent Effect" with a happy face and negative number to every single building that provides population (=houses and great buildings).
3) Add tooltip "Permanent Effect" with an unhappy face and positive number to every single building that provides population, AND change Junkyard to match by changing it into unhappy face and a positive figure of 500.

Incidentally by far the least amount of work is the fix that makes the most sense. And end result would be most consistent.


As of 1.52 this idea was somewhat implemented:

The negative happiness (for example from Junkyard) will be deducted from the provided happiness and not added to the demand for happiness.
So basically option 3 without the further reduction of happiness from the negative happiness buildings. :)
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