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Discussion Thread for Korch

  • Thread starter DeletedUser97349
  • Start date


Apologies for the delay, we will be opening as soon as possible.


Arrrgh the wait is killing me lol...dunno why, not exactly dying to see Ragu Silvertone for the 10th time ;)


Sorry for keeping you all in suspenders, a small technical issue we need to be sure is ironed out before flicking the switch. It should be with you by midday (GMT +1).


Looks like its going well, after 1 day the top players are only in Iron age, diamonds being used but not as madly as jaims was.

should be a good world :)

+1 to idea of 1 small little world where no diamond spend is possible and we can really test a level playing field (well, nearly level)


I just don't get it....
Do people actually buy that many diamonds to get ahead of everyone else?

I have seen it around in the past where there were posts about hacks and cheats to get unlimited coins, supplies and diamonds.... and always wondered if anybody was doing it... obviously INNO could check back on players advancing through tech and levelling GBs so fast to see if they are legit...

It must cost hundreds or thousands of pounds / dollars / euros to race that far ahead where a player can be sitting in progressive age (or whatever) and conquering all those bronze age / iron neighbours in PvP...

Is that actually fun?... lol


Well I did not take long for the Diamond players to start dominating, GB's galore after a few days ;-((

Seserous Omega

Does anyone has an idea about what it costs, upgrading in a week to postmodern era?

this is needed to be bought for diamonds: forgepoints for tech, forgepoints for great buildings, goods, expansions, instantly build tools, scout at once, troop recoveries, blueprints, for the diehards a nice calculation...
I am curious about this too. Anyone have any idea?


Well I did not take long for the Diamond players to start dominating, GB's galore after a few days ;-((
Yeah, the top few players cities are full of premium buildings, not quite as fast though as Jaims where Colonnial was reached within a week.

I've built a Tower of Babel, 6 days into the world opening without 'buying' it, also only needing 2 bps for Zeus. Plundering, P/M & quest rewards seems to give far more bp rewards than I'd have expected.


Well I did not take long for the Diamond players to start dominating, GB's galore after a few days ;-((
I have a babel and one bp from getting a zeus and haven't been hammering the quests that hard although my city is set up for quests. No diamonds needed.