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[DISCUSSION] Foe City Planner

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v 0.9.29 released:

- fixed the issue when virtual future's roads were not visible

- fixed the issue when population of residential buildings was always zero in info window

- added new city entities and more GB levels


why use third party sites when we now have re-construction mode ?
Correct me if I am wrong, in reconstruction mode you are working with same set of building which you already have. City planner allows to try other buildings, which your city does not have currently, to plan future expansions. Also, reconstruction mode starts to be available at the end of Iron age only.


Even by having Reconstruction mode in the game, you e.g. cannot finish reconstruction later.
FoE City Planner is awesome thing and best move would be first to plan your city in it, and then to move to the game.
What is also good is that you can plan your city ages and eras in advance with possibility to place any building from any era.


i'v never actually used this, partly because i never had the free time to play with it, and 2nd i keep forgetting about it.
But i will seriously have a look because the main thing that attracts my attention is being able to add or remove any building. ( this i never knew before )
I love reconstruction mode, but 1 drawback i find is being able to ONLY work with buildings you have already placed, you cant add new buildings or ones in your inventory, nor remove them.
This helps with better planning, especially when obtaining new buildings.


Chief Warrant Officer
@ingweland Its not calculating the population from regular residence buildings (both non-diamond & diamond buildings). Only calculating population from GBs and special buildings. I have currently negative population on City planner, been like that since the last update. Was under the impression that it will be rectified with the new update. Just checked its not happened. Please request you to kindly have it checked and rectified as soon as possible. Thank you.
Not open for further replies.