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DISCIPLES OF SHADOWS Dedication & Fellowship


foe banner.jpg
The Disciples of Shadows are looking for some active players that wish to dedicate themselves to our guild. We are a enthusiastic guild that is over 50 associates strong (3 worlds) and growing everyday. We take pride in performing or duties by polishing and motivating fellow guild members. We hope that you may join the Shadows in their quest to become a leading guild in the Forge of Empires land of Arvahall. These are some of the things we have to offer new members:
:cool:We provide extra support for members through motivating and polishing each others buildings, thus gaining gold and blueprints.
:cool:Awards are given to the top 3 guild members with the highest points. .
:cool:We have an award for most battles won every week.
:cool:We have a new ranking system so members can gain status & privileges within the guild.
:cool:We have a private trade for members only. Using the guild trade you do not have to use forge points when excepting a trade.
:cool:Over 50 guild members in 3 worlds for more support if you decide to play additional worlds.
(Immortal Shadows in Dingue, Disciples of Shadows in Arvahall and Saints of Shadows in Houndsmoor)
:cool:When you begin in the guild you will be given 3rd rank of “Inviter“, “Notifier” and “Trusted”
:cool:We have and support free and open trade. (their your goods, the game already prohibits more then 2 to 1 ratio, why add more limits)
:cool:We will support you in battle against ruthless invaders.
:cool:We have a nice forum with hints, strategies, guides for battles, building and trade.
:cool:We have a weekly newsletter for new updates and additions to the game.
:cool:We have an introduction post to get to know the other players from around the world.
:cool:We have a guild Q & A section for help.
:cool:Use the guild members chat for direct conversations.
:cool:We have a story line about how the Shadows came into being.
:cool:We search the main forum and post it in the guilds forum for new ideas
And more
We will be having more awards and prizes in the future and hope you decide to become a member. Remember if you do not like it, you can always go back to playing alone or find another guild. There are no dues or fees, just the willingness to polish and motivate fellow members which help you with rewards. Either way we hope you the best and above all have fun! If you have any questions please write me. Thank you, razorkt