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Duplicate: Diplomatic Gifts Pop Up

  • World: Langendorn
  • Browser and Version: Android app v 1.177.1
  • Overview of the bug: pop up not appearing in a timely manner
  • Screenshots: none
  • How often this occurs: constantly
  • Urgency:non urgent
  • Preventative Actions: rebooted device etc
  • Summary: Diplomatic gifts are being rewarded but the pop ups are not appearing until several minutes later. As an example I won 200fp, noticed them on the bar and spent them. 3 negotiations later the pop up came telling me I'd won 200fp
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods? Yes
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Lieutenant Colonel
It's been reported although they never actually clarified it was a bug, Been having issues with it since release. Mine seems to be when I neg in ice mines it doesnt show up rewards but if I move to gbg it them acts like I'm getting rewards it's already paid out from the mine. With not having a visual pop up on rewards won in ice mines it's making it hard to figure out what's happening.
I guessed it was probably already reported but couldn't see it so thought I'd do it anyway :)

As for negotiating ice, I thought I was just unlucky and never got any, hard to prove unless it's fp that suddenly show up


Lieutenant Colonel
Yeah its pain, Its pretty easy to track goods and fps are the easiest to check. Rogues etc I gave up trying. Won a selection kit and didnt even know till I checked my inventory later, dont even know when I won it.