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Difficulty in logging in

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For the past week it's been very difficult to log in to the game. Things are slowing up. Even when I can get in, things are very slow and often freeze, so I refresh the page. Today I couldn't log in at all. I'm based in Australia and others here have also said the last few days have been really bad. What's frustrating is it's intermittent - I'm logged in at the moment and for an hour it's been fine. Then everything just stops again and I have to refresh - sometimes that works, many times it doesn't. Many times I"m in the main city page, but as soon as I click on messages, trader, tavern, battle grounds or vikings/Japan settlement, it just freezes. At the same time I'll go check different web pages and they open fine even after clearing the cache.

Emptying cache doesn't make any difference, and other web sites (news, games, email etc) are not affected and work super quick as normal. It's only when I'm trying to connect to FoE - many times even trying to open the main/login page doesn't work.

Not sure if this is the right place to raise this issue, as it's not really a bug in the game. It's getting worse though and becoming difficult to play the game.

World: Langendorn
Win7 home Pro 64 bit
Google Chrome


Windows 7 is not supported and you being in Australia with everything going on there might be part of the problem. Other webpages opening fine does not mean a thing. .


Win 7 became unsupported yesterday. Problem existed before then.
Fires in Australia don't have any impact.
Other web pages opening fine does mean the net connection is ok.
Want to go for another wrong one?


This is not a bug, please contact support and we can look into your account and discuss possible reasons for this and solutions.
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