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Diamond purchase thumbnail


I cannot purchase diamonds, because the only thing that comes up is a thumbnail image which is too small to see.
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Can you please submit a screen-shot of this issue?

+ please use the proper bug format


I went to work today and bought diamonds on my old work computer. It has a Windows XP operating system with 32 bit screen resolution and it worked better than my new laptop for me. Although, that is kind of strange, because my laptop is not much better. It is an Asus with 32 bit screen resolution and a Windows 7 operating system.

I currently use Firefox. I used to use Chrome to play this game, but incompatibilities arose after a certain update a couple of months back, so I returned to Firefox.
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well thats good to hear. i feel like you could navigate through that tiny interface if you really had to, lol


Yeah, I did; but only because I have done it before in Inno games and I recognized the teensy-weensy icons.


As of today this remains an issue for chrome users, at least in my experience. I have to use firefox to do things like post in the guild forums or purchase diamonds. Is there any news on a fix in the works for this?

edit: I didn't post a screen shot because I get the exact same thing. all adobe products and chrome are up to date.
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It would also help to get details of the software you are using when the issues occur.
At the bottom left of the game screen, click the settings button(little blue button with cogs in it) Go to the 'About' tab, then click 'Copy to clipboard'. Then paste in here.

I'm not getting the problem - 0.20.10737 (06.11.2012 13:41), Bartimaeus46 (248037), en2, en_US, WIN 11,3,300,257, Windows 7, Chrome/19.0.1084.56, 1920x965


Buying diamonds

I am also getting this issue... I'm using chrome. Its annoying


I am also getting this issue... I'm using chrome. Its annoying
Hello hueythebull, welcome to the forums :)
Would you be able to submit us a support ticket so that we can assist you with this? You can access support by right clicking anywhere in game or using the tab at the top of the forum.