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Diamond GBG in Sinerania 28/05/2020



How good was that stalemate! Four colours, Four Flags, such coordination, much wow!

Honestly I feel on a different level then I used to be when these threads used to be posted. Much more relaxed approach and just having fun.
Why play a game if you are not having fun when playing it? World right now is different then it was back then. I'm helping health care workers as I can in real life. Doing my part.
Using FoE as one of the games I play for some escapism, for some fun relaxing and playing with friends and allies. So nice to play this game with 0 stress~

Good luck everyone, hope you all get some good rewards! Personal rewards are > end rewards by a huge margin anyway, got like 1.4k Fp last GBG was friggin' awesome. Happy Forging!


Wait better comment: Thanks for always making GBG really funny to observe :)

Will def post some more highlights as time goes on, though obviously I'll only see Last Stand highlights :)
I do gotta thank Syn Factor for their buildings saving me so many resources and time, its actually fun hitting traps when I am out of time at reset :D

Whats interesting is we are strong at reset, then slowly SF takes back, then we swap, its been funny watching that happen every day, massive swings.
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Time for some highlights! :) Was an awesome GBG, lot of fighting, lot of buildings being built both at the start and the end! Intense stuff! really fun!

After reset pushes are great fun, expensive but fun! Till SF wakes up, it was quite good watching he map constantly change colours, just good to see this much activity really, I hear a lot of other GBG's are inactive with zones barely swapping unless its just the top 2 guilds farming everyone else, actually being on a server with competition and rivalry is exciting stuff. Always got something good to work towards, keeping everyone on their toes. Great people in all guilds. Let's hopefully keep this up and going, good luck everyone! :)
Fun after reset push.jpg

Love perfect coordination :) Nice stuff!
Pure coordination.png

And gotta love situations like this:
2 minutes later.png

Think I gained like 2 attrition for that push, not that I had a lot of time to help went so fast!

Final Score:
Recent score.png

Thanks everyone for another great GBG round, onto the next!