Developers - please adjust your prorities.

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  1. pgolds

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    Sep 10, 2013
    I am one of the many players who likes to fight on the GVG map. I also spend a considerable amount of time talking with friends (and even the occasional enemy) on the subject of our frustrations with the inability or unwillingness of the game developers to solve the multifarious problems with the GVG maps. I won't belabour the point by listing them all; I invite others so to do. Let us just say that these are long-standing and often ruin players' experience of the game.

    Meanwhile the number of events has proliferated. I recognise that these often encourage players to spend a little (or a lot) and I certainly do not begrudge the developers the chance to raise some revenue; I'm sure that we are all grateful that an enjoyable game is provided free of charge. However, many players who used to look forward to the events in the days when the appellation "special" was still applicable, now heave a sigh of frustration and annoyance when yet another one pops up. It seems to us that Inno's prorities really need reorganising; the poor beleaguered moderators must be innundated with complaints while the developers seemingly sit on their hands.

    If you agree (or disagree) please contribute to this thread.
  2. Lord Ice

    Lord Ice Warrant Officer

    Nov 2, 2012
    GvG is saturated with bugs and issues of lag .
    During events , the effect is multiplied , making it almost unplayable ( especially around calc )
    I am one who has recently raised a complaint on the subject , but was told " GvG was not a priority , at this time "
    Sad to hear , when for me (as well as many others) , its the ONLY challenging part of the game , that keeps us still playing .
  3. Revenge G

    Revenge G Guest

    Totally agree with pg.
    One of the reasons why this game was or still is very good is GvG and without that fighting part game would have 30% less players. Like we all know events and all new content is slowing down a crucial part of the game.
    And like Ice said, GvG is only thing that keeps most of us still playing.
  4. Ceban

    Ceban Sergeant

    Nov 8, 2017
    Instead of reducing number of bugs in GvG it getting increased in last few weeks/months.
    1. Swaping troops
    2. Opening wrong sectors
    3. opening sectors even from wrong eras.
    4. not accepting autobattle button
    This is just 4 most critical ones, list is much longer and they are even worse on calc and during events, do you guys plan to do anything about this or we should find another game????
  5. Neoth

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    Nov 9, 2017
    Please note: this is my personal view, as an daily active GvG player, thus very interested in this particular topic.

    GvG is unfortunately getting worse as months are passing by, there is only a tiny line between current state of GvG and being unplayable.

    I'd like to underline outstanding issues that are often topic among GvGers and making GvG really difficult to play:
    - Units are being returned to active selected army after removing them, leading to next auto attack being done with damaged units (which often results in total army loss)
    - Inability to switch from one sector to another, if more than one sector is under siege, you can't defend both (nor attack both)
    - Above bug is getting extended to eras too, so it's possible that you start fight in one age, jump to another, but game gets messed up and you end up hitting wrong age, with wrong troops
    - GvG map is slow, lagging, often unresponsive during recalc, it will often show siege ongoing when it's already taken, or not placed while it's under siege. It will also stop showing hits and won't update current siege/defending army numbers
    - auto attack sometimes won't show results, but will give you option to attack again, resulting in 2 fights where 2nd one is often lost because you attacked with damaged units, even if you didn't
    - after placing a siege your active selected army gets populated by army you had previously selected, instead staying empty, it will sometimes bug out showing you sieged with only few units, but if you try to fill it up and attack, you'll attack with less than 8 units
    - lately unexplained internal server errors are forcing people to reload a game, from various stages of GvG fights

    ... there are more, but those are preventing people from enjoying a game.

    What's worse, now that HTML is finally on live servers, it's a cold shower for everyone, as GvG performance appears to be even worse than on flash. Once HTML becomes only option, it might be a breaking point.

    I'm fully aware GvG wasn't a priority, I'm aware fixing it would take a decision which would involve lots of developer hours spent on rewriting it. I'm also aware more and more players are playing from mobile. It's also very understandable GvG players are a minority among PC players.

    However, we're here, we want to play GvG, we try to play GvG. We invest our time in game because of GvG. Some invest their money because of GvG. Can we get a transparent answer is GvG ever going to be fixed or are we better focusing our efforts elsewhere.
  6. Blurt

    Blurt Private

    Sep 26, 2013
    I agree that fixing GvG should be right near the top priority wise.

    I used to spend $$ several years ago before the Arc and GB leveling became a major part of the game. I will reiterate what PG said above; I am grateful that this game is free. However, I am wondering if Inno finances are the driver for GvG being low priority. I am willing to drop some denaro if it were to be used solely to address this issue. I wonder how many others would be willing to do so. Money talks and BS walks.
  7. Neoth

    Neoth Private

    Nov 9, 2017
    Also, I think it's fair to point out - players are not asking for new features in GvG, that's all nice and shiny. We're just hoping to get a fix for things already in game.
  8. callgood

    callgood Private

    Dec 25, 2014
    Absolutely agree, GvG must become a priority if this game is to continue.

    I am first and foremost a fighter here, the single greatest challenge that i enjoy and what keeps this game so fascinating for me along with the other fighters, both friend and foe. This game was first introduced as a fighting game and should remain as such. The increasing bugs and difficulties on the GvG maps have made it very close to unplayable. Very likely that participation and new membership would rise if this issue was resolved.
  9. ejbirch

    ejbirch Private

    Mar 6, 2014
    GvG is the main reason many of us FoE old timers continue to play this game, I am approaching 6 years playing this game and have never been more frustrated with it. I have stopped complaining about the many many GvG bugs because frankly I got bored of the same response from the mods that GvG is not a priority. It is currently the worst I have ever known it and has been almost unplayable since the 'all ages' map was introduced.
    It feels like the original players who have been with the game since the beginning and spent money in the critical early development stages are being left out to dry while INNO focus on revenue streams from tablet/phone users.
    I have seen many players quit this game recently and many more that I speak to daily are on the verge of quitting too. I urge INNO to listen to the voice of their playing community and start focusing on fixing the broken elements of the game before adding/expanding more game content.
  10. bradype

    bradype Emperor

    Jun 3, 2018
    Save GVG , please !
    Is it normal only East-Nagachians reply here ?
    Only seen two bugs : when sieges don't disappear and when the army you had when entering GVG continent keeps being selected instead of the one you chose . But it's very slow .
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  11. marcu_al

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    May 10, 2014
    I like so much playing GvG that i invest some money monthly but GvG become so hard to play with so many strange errors.
    I hope Hendrik Klindworth don't want to talk in October at NOAH18 London about "How to keep going this big business whit just half players after the summer 2018". I can go back - let think - Blizzard, EA or LucasArts...hmm
  12. twomsuk

    twomsuk FoE Team Senior Forum Moderator Senior Ingame Moderator

    Dec 4, 2013
    Personal opinion only. GVG although an interesting feature is not the be all and end all of this game. Yes shock!!! horror!!!. It was a fighting game before the launch of GvG this just added a war aspect a very restricted badly thought out war aspect. I am not saying ditch it but it badly needs revamping.
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  13. Neoth

    Neoth Private

    Nov 9, 2017
    I wouldn't even go into chicken and egg discussion. It doesn't matter if GvG was here from a start, what matters are those two premises:

    a) GvG is currently one of features in game, that's played by many (minority, but still many, considering FoE playerbase)
    b) GvG is broken, almost unplayable

    IMO, time for Inno to step up and give a clear answer about GvG already passed, but better late than never.

    Inno, this is a plea to be transparent to the part of your faithful playerbase.
  14. queen of sheeba

    queen of sheeba Private

    Jun 28, 2015
    GVG must be fixed otherwise we can all go play farmville instead

    it has been requested so many times to do something about the GVG issues ( im not gonna repeat what all is wrong with it as itt has been mentioned above) and its beyond rude from inno not to even have a min of their time to dedicate to this part of the game which imo made the game. without it it would be just another boring game.

  15. nikola.kole

    nikola.kole Private

    Jun 11, 2018
    The bags are terrible. I do not know why there is such a problem that this is resolved? GVG is the most interesting thing about me on this game. It needs to stop with these boring events and new ages and invest a little effort in GvG ..If it does not do it soon, I'll just stop playing.
  16. Ceban

    Ceban Sergeant

    Nov 8, 2017
    TM i really like you and you always respond fast in support questions and try to be helpfull but here we will strongly dissagree, so many of us wasted a ton of time and FP's and everything and some even a lot of cash for battle buildings (GB's and special ones) and now they make war aspect of game unplayable. What is your solution then? let us plunder same player infinite number of time each day??? To plunder same player 10 times per day or to delete troops when i am bored or what to do??? If they gave us war aspect of game and we invested a lot of our time and resources in it then they should make it playable!
  17. LadySnowblood

    LadySnowblood Private

    Sep 22, 2016

    Here are some of the ongoing issues our team has experienced on the maps. I know these have all been brought to the game developers attention repeatedly, but still nothing done to resolve them. Thank you for bringing this back to the forefront pgolds! I too understand and respect that Inno are making revenue off their events, but would hazard a guess that GVG also brings in it's fair share of revenue. Addressing the concerns of those who have for years supported this part of the game (and will continue to), shouldn't be too much to ask.

    - injured troops popping back into army after removal
    - invisible sieges (nothing shows, click sector and it's sieged, both enemy and own sieges)
    - maps generally not refreshing or showing accurate detail
    - vanishing HQ's (HQ'd sector will change to non-HQ, HQ nowhere on map, out & back in, HQ where it originally was)
    - DA's allocating to different sectors (has happened to 3 separate players several times loading 31,74 in AA's, spear DA goes into 31,73, even when being careful)
    - chat repeatedly disconnecting/reconnecting and battles failing to load, just hanging
    - Daily Calc not showing up in event log at reset
    - sieges (and other info) missing from event log
  18. Medribradrion

    Medribradrion Brigadier-General

    Feb 4, 2014
    I think GvG needs to be redesigned totally, as the current issues are just unsurmountable. We need to do away with the element of speed, which is what makes lag a problem.

    -Sieges need to last 24 hours, i.e. from timer to timer. If the defenders win more battles against the siege army than the attackers against the def armies, the siege loses. Otherwise it wins. This would totally remove the 'speed element', where things have to be done quickly or not at all.
    -The maximum number of battles you might need to win to gain any given sector is therefore unlimited.
    -Any lost battle (incl. retreats) counts as -1 to the above.
    -Guilds around the sector can help out either the attackers or the defenders by winning battles for either side.
    -So if a guild wishes to take a sector from another, it places a siege. This siege is visible after the next timer and lasts until the following timer.
    -If two different guilds siege the same sector then we have a three-way contest between sieger A, sieger B and the defenders.The army against whom the fewest battles are won wins the sector.
  19. D Colquhoun

    D Colquhoun Private

    Dec 6, 2015
    Just sort it let us enjoy reset and what it is supposed to bring!
  20. queen of sheeba

    queen of sheeba Private

    Jun 28, 2015

    now that would kill GVG.
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