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Deleting GB's and NOT telling FP donors!


So I have been playing FoE for over a year now, in the progressive era. One of my "friends" that I have had on my list since I basically first started playing the game turned out to be shady. I get it is a risk adding FP's to someone's GB but come on, have some common decency and especially if you work out a deal. Went to put some more FP's one day, GB was gone (Habitat) . So deal was squashed, my FP's gone with ZERO explanation, no warnings, nothing. So NOT cool at all.

Our guild has a really strong alliance with a couple of other guilds in terms of deals which is awesome. And I should have stuck with those other guilds instead of trusting someone I've had on my friends list for over a year. Won't make that mistake again.


The person that did it, didn't delete his account, he's still an active member, he just deleted the building. It's a donate at your own risk kind of thing, so doubt they'd give me my FP's back. i sent him a msg giving him the opportunity to rectify the situation, if he doesn't, I will name and shame him.
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Zeratul 2.0

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Usually a player is upgrading one or two GBs at a time, and may have a plan what to upgrade in the next. Usually the buyer and the seller in a FP/Goods transaction should clarifiy in their agreement which GB to invest with the FP payment. The reason for this, is, because, firstly, there is the rewarding spots. Very likely the investor can gain rewards in some GB and fewer or none rewards in other GBs, and usually the investor of FP (buyer of goods) does not get to pick which GB. Secondly, in this particular case, if the provider of goods is not planning to, or ready to, upgrade their habitat, but the buyer of goods invested into their habitat, considering the habitat is a population GB -- what to do, for them, with the increased population? how to gain the extra happiness? -- it would create a lot of trouble for them. In the meanwhile, the buyer of goods aimed at the habitat, why? Possibly the buyer wants a habitat blueprint, just possibly; in which case, the buyer (u) acts more like a sniper. Therefore, not all FPs are beneficial and welcome to the receiver. Suppose in a transaction, the gold or silver ingots are used as currency. And while paying, the buyer says, "catch!" and throw the ingots in the seller's direction. The ingots might end up on the seller's head, knocking them unconcious. Or on their foot, ouch and crippling them. Should they still uphold their end of the bargin and honor the deal and deliver to you what you wanted? These above are kind of the same as what the seller of goods in the screenshot is saying, but made a little "fluffy".

(And I'm talking like a TV -- in the sense of "good luck arguing")
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If you've randomly put FPs into his GB then he doesn't owe you a explanation or refund. Just as I can't randomly dump a bunch of cash on my neighbours doorstep and take something without their permission saying "I bought this". Aside from which not everyone logs in every day. Some might only log in once a week or have missed your initial message if there's a lot of messages in the inbox

As to not noticing FPs in a GB for 2 months, unless you know the order of GBs in the attachment screen change on order of last FP put in then you're not going to notice FPs in a GB you never open. I only open 1 or 2 of my GBs for months on end because those are the ones I'm lvl'ing. Which gives me a surprise when suddenly a GB I haven't touched in close to a year suddenly lvls without me noticing until the 24 hr clock is out of whack


Embergaurd, I understand where you're coming from and as I've said repeatedly it's a risk we all take. BUT as I also said there was an AGREEMENT so clearly he knew, chose to ignore it and then came up with a lame excuse. I kept checking all of his GB's and asked a mutual friend if he had spoken to him as well because I noticed none of his GB's were being upgraded with the exception of the Habitat that I invested in and one other GB. He certainly was active since I could get into his tavern every day and he visited mine. It's not like he was a new friend, he was on my friends list for over a year.

Cough that all up as you may, but to me he's a shady player .. I gave him 5 days after he deleted the Habitat before I deleted him as a friend, not to mention 2.5 months prior to that to say "hey man don't put any more FP's into that GB because "I MAY" delete it." Then the excuse is .. well you deleted me as a friend so I can't rectify it, you need to join my guild so I can't rectify it", come on man, that's just super lame on his part. I'm not going to leave a guild that I've worked hard on and help build and people in general that think that in other situations are out of their minds.

It may be a game, but it doesn't mean you cannot have a little class, common courtesy and some decency while playing it. This game is also about building alliances to succeed and have fun in the game and just because you've been burned doesn't give you the right to burn others in the process. I've done many deals with other members outside of my guild and none have ended like this and pardon the pun but they've forged great relationships.

The messages after that were just even more peachier, calling me a child, telling me he's old enough to be my father and has been working online for longer than I've been born... well given that I am a programmer in real life and well he'd have one foot in the grave to be my father, I know that tactic all too well .. smells of a kid in his mother's basement to me, playing keyboard warrior.
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