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Implemented: Deleted mails stay deleted

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Currently, when you delete a mail or a guild mail, it does not stay deleted. Every time there is a reply to it, it pops back up in your messages.

Very simply, please change this so that a deleted mail stays deleted.

Many guilds set up several guild mails, which is generally a good thing. For individual members, some of these mails are relevant to them, some are not. Constantly receiving irrelevant mails becomes frustrating, and people can end up not reading things or simply deleting them.


Yeah I agree because every time i delete a 'guild' message it keeps popping up into my inbox every time someone else replies to it and it does get annoying at times.


How about:

group mails you keep getting after you leave a guild, for weeks.
group mails on subjects that have nothing to do with the game and don't interest you.
group mails on some aspect of the guild that you don't participate in, though you do in others.

In other Inno games it is possible to delete these group mails and for them to remain deleted.

So I don't at all 'get' the argument of "if you are part of the guild then be in it", indeed that is a pretty narrowminded response to this suggestion, and to players like myself who play a full and active part in guilds.

There is no point having a delete function in the mailbox if things don't stay deleted.


So just to make it clear, you're asking for the "delete" button to also remove your name from the "mail list". As it stands the reason why the mail "doesn't stay deleted" is because you name is still on the mailing list and what pops up is actually a new message (not the one you deleted) which also shows all previous responses to the original message.

What would need to happen is for the delete button to remove the players name from that list so that all messages sent in reply after you "delete the message" don't get sent through to you.

I'd advise editing the idea so that it follows this format (making it clear and easier to compare to other existing ideas):

From the sounds of it there might be some similar ideas already regarding mailing lists, I'll need a bit of time though to look into it to see if any are similar/the same.


I suppose if the coding here is that different from other games like The West, then that's what I mean. I wonder why the coding is so different?


I found this similar Idea, about adding and removing people from the mailing list but limits the ability to mods... So not what this idea is after:
This next link is to another similar one, well at least the first point of the idea:

Apart from those ideas this one looks to be unique in that it only asks for the ability to remove yourself from a message mailing list when you delete the message thread. Just needs formatting and support. :)


maybe a "block/unblock message" option could be considereed


I'll add my voice to this issue. Would like to be able to remove people from among the people in the conversations. I don't take part in the GB club in my guild but i keep getting messages for it and it's by FAR the most common new message glow that i open my inbox for. Also- i'm among the leaders for my guild and it would be nice to be able to remove people from threads if they have left the guild or have been removed from it. Instead of having to restart the entire thread.


Improvement Suggestion:

Trusted+ (or somewhat thereabouts) can add or remove people from a message thread mailing list; a player can also remove himself/herself from the mailing list


idea: +1

Currently, when you delete a mail or a guild mail, it does not stay deleted....
there are no guild mails :eek:
at the start of a mail all members of the guild are put in as recipients
members changes, guild is dissolved, ... but those mails are still available to the people who are recipients at the start of the mail

-1 If you are part of the guild then be it.
there are no real guild mails and you still get those false guild mails after leaving a guild

Improvement Suggestion:

Trusted+ (or somewhat thereabouts) can add or remove people from a message thread mailing list; a player can also remove himself/herself from the mailing list
funny idea
after leaving a guild I make my own one man guild with trusted rights
and then I can remove all other people (or only the ones I don't like) from the mail :p

because as there are no guild mails such mail isn't part of the old guild I left or any other specific guild


This idea was essentially implemented with the "leave thread" feature, we unfortunately lost the "delete" feature though. :(

Still this will be marked as "Implemented".
Not open for further replies.