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Defensive Army AI


It would be easy to change the AI to be somewhat smarter than it is now; simply changing it to target non-rogue units ahead of rogues (champions and defending armies on the campaign map already do this) would make it more expensive to attack. It would still be inferior to a human, so you would still expect the attacker to generally get through.

Regardless of whether any changes are made to the AI, though, you should assume that a determined attacker will find a way to get in.


Master Corporal
You could first get rogues during the 2013 Easter Event and it is all about how you want to look at it. Is this about the AI, or about rogues. Anyhow, you are wrong.
that makes me feel old as i was first here when we got the rogues, i first started playing before we had industry era, i quit the game when they brought in gvg and all the cheating started. i came back for a 2nd go about 4 - 5 years ago and i have to admit i loved the early part of the game, it got me hooked again, but now there is just so many players all finding ways to exploit the game, there not cheating as the game lets them get away with it, but it certainly not a fair game like it once was.

the rogues were the most powerful unit in the game, and you will need them if you ever hope to compete with high hitters in the game. certainly it would make the game so much more harder if they were removed, but then me being a game dinosaur, i would want the removeal of the 1.9 and arks from the game, and go back to setting gbs to max level 10 no higher like it was when i first started playing. but no one listens to my rants : (
For me, the usefulness of rogues has come to an end - good only for sieging/battles in GvG.
All my Hideouts have been removed and place into inventory.


Master Corporal
I'm in SAAB and use rogues in every fight: PVP, GVG, GBG, GE. The enemy wasting their first shot on rogue transformation is as important as it ever was.
i am in saab are you really using rogues with saab units ? as i found it to be much harder, i can use rogues in every other era but i dont use them with saab troops on my sqaud, i just use 8 nail storm hardly ever use any of the other saab troops either


Chief Warrant Officer
For PvP -
Players I know to use 8 hovers - 8 BELT
Players I know to use 8 artillery - 8 hover hammers
Everyone else - 4 rogues, 4 nail storms
The round goes quickers (fewer injured to swap out) than with 8 nail storms.