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Daybringers and Nightbringers


To my knowledge, this is the first time Daybringers has made an actual effort to recruit. Being ranked #1 in this world has always been enough to bring us a sufficient number of high quality recruits. So why now?

We've recently come under attack by several ghost guilds and guilds that fight like ghosts. To counter them, we've formed a permanent branch guild, Nightbringers. Don't worry, we haven't abandoned our principles: we'll never use it to ghost any guild that fights fairly and doesn't ghost us first. In addition to fighting ghosts, its purpose is being expanded to include training. So, Daybringers is recruiting experienced high era players to replace those members who are spending time in Nightbringers, and NB is recruiting players of any age interested in GvG.

Contact: zirrania
Our record speaks for itself: we held rank #1 in Fel Dranghyr since GvG was implemented, for 663 days, until weeks of relentless ghosting finally forced us to give up the position. We have a level 48 guild, with the best benefits in Fel. However, we normally have vast holdings in every age above Iron Age, which means that there will be occasional quiet times. We simply cannot arrange daily GvG action when our siege costs sit at 2000+.

All of our members are expected to donate goods, and also help with fighting, when possible. We have a weekly lottery, where generous goods donators are awarded FPs. We've taken in players from as early as LMA, but a high era is a bonus when we consider an application. We expect everyone to have, or work towards getting, Alcatraz, the three attack GBs and the three GBs that give goods directly to the treasury. Our high era members frequently help our lower age members to build those GBs ahead of their age. Naturally, we also monitor aids and expect you to trade fairly (we follow a constant 2:1 exchange rate for goods of different ages/eras).

Every guild probably claims this, but we offer a community with a friendly atmosphere, where help is willingly given to all who ask. We require more from our members than a casual guild, but we're not unreasonable, and the upside is that a community where everyone gives something to the common good is quite rewarding.

Contact: Starzaan (this may change as we plan to rotate members)
Only recently formed and holding but a few sectors, Nightbringers naturally can't offer much in the way of guild level benefits. Staying small and easily maneuverable is a requirement for the guild to be able to perform its function as a counter-force to enemy ghosts.

Instead, Nightbringers offers a place for new players to learn about the game under the guidance of Daybringer veterans, as well as a place where action can be easily arranged at any time. Players of any age and any level of experience will be accepted, provided you intend to get involved in GvG and are otherwise active. In time, players who prove themselves active and wish to benefit from high guild level rewards can be invited over to DB.
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There has been a change to the above. Nightbringers is now purely a ghost, and we have formed a training guild called Daybringer Academy. DBA won't be used for ghosting, it will seek to establish a permanent presence on primarily the low age maps. We will go to great lengths to teach each and very member how to play Forge of Empires well. The members will have access to a number of guides about every aspect of the game, as well as direct contact with many active Daybringer veterans, who will answer your questions and guide you to their best ability. At the end of this road, once you have reached a sufficiently high age and we are positive that you'll be an asset to us, you'll have the choice to join the Daybringers main guild. Of course, that is optional, simply joining DBA doesn't mean you promise to join DB later. It should be noted that Daybringers is a GvG guild, and while GvG participation is optional in DBA, those who show no interest in GvG will certainly not be accepted to DB. For joining DBA, there are no age/era requirements.