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Darkhorse Legions casual guild now recruiting!


Greetings and salutations to my fellow kings, queens, viceroys, generals and other apropos titled warriors & royalty!

Are you new to the game and need a helping hand learning the ropes so to speak?
Are you a veteran player who created a kingdom on this world as more of a diversion?
Are you spending forge points for every trade, hence hindering your growth?
Are you the kind of player who wants to play at there own pace, in a friendly yet casual environment?
Are you currently in a guild that monitors your trades, your growth, your battles and/or your motivating & polishing frequency?

Are you tired of any and/or all of the above, or something I neglected to mention? If so then Dark-horse Legions may just be the guild for you!!!

We have very few rules in DHL other than to treat each other with respect, don't abuse the game chat rooms or guild mass mail system, and to stay active enough that you don't completely fall off the radar. We do not monitor your progress/kingdom growth, require M&P ratios be met, to meet P.V.P. minimums, to trade within the guild or any of the like. We are just a loose group of folks banded together to help each other when possible and to benefit from forge point free trading and advice, a place where everyone is treated equally (everyone has access to guild mass mail and invite privileges). I realize after playing this game for nearly a year that too many rules can make this game seem more like a job than entertainment. All that said, being in a guild like ours isn't for everyone. If you are a super competitive player, one who has high expectations from every guild mate, who gets mad when your are polished instead of motivated or expect others to play the way you want them to play then we likely aren't a good fit for you.

If after reading all this you are still interested in joining our ranks then please send me an ingame mail to Coltfan1313 and I will get you invited post haste (I am usually online 3 times or so per day).

Thanks and Happy Forging!