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Damn Dirty Politics & Propaganda


The Mods have said we can start a thread on Guild Wars Politics & Propaganda where we can have good natured banter and taunting between ourselves. They have asked us to keep it civil so please adhere to that. This is a great opportunity to add to the GvG element with Word Wars lol, so lets not lose it.

Not a lot to say at the moment except to emphasise that the Damn Dirty Rats will play Guild Wars fairly and honestly. We have all probably seen exploitation of game loopholes and potential program "weaknesses" which we will guarantee not to use. A game is supposed to be about fun and the winners should not be those who have knowledge of the latest or unknown loophole. It's about being co-ordinated and dedicated and pitting your wits against others and seeing who can be the most innovative and tactically astute ( thanks for the paraphrase ), creating alliances, internal organisation and so on.........

Fight us fairly and we will enjoy the fight back ! Win or lose, we don't care as long as we have fun. Cheat us or employ a loophole then we will simply ignore you and seek to compete against others who also want to play the game honestly. Name and shame, we suppose, is bad propoganda for a guild.

Enjoy Guild Wars ..................

play fairly.png


***** Damn Dirty Job Advertisement *****

The Damn Dirty Rats are recruiting. They want a person who is ready, willing and able to infiltrate another guild and spy :)

spy 1.png spy 2.png

Mata Hari types preferred basically cos we like totty in the guild. All applications to Cloggy please stating why you want the position, how you would be beneficial and how you would go about the spying stuff.

Remuneration : We would toss a few FP's into a GB
Job Description : Spying, avoiding the firing squad is your responsibility.
Start : Immediate

Spying kit including a special badge which you could wear next to name when posting in the forum so people wouldn't know it's you.......

spy 3.png

Good luck !

play fairly.png
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On behalf of the Damn Dirty Rats, I am happy to re-post this announcement made by Facetious Mike.

This is a good start but more must be done ! Arguing that these tactics are loop-holes is just semantics. Cheating is cheating no matter what spin is placed on it. The "management" are aware of this and by definition must be aware of the accounts / players involved and must take knee breaking action. They do more than suck the enjoyment out of the game, they destroy it !!

We have already stated that we will no longer be playing the game and we will abide by that statement, until these cheaters are gone and the loopholes closed ! The remaining Rats will sign up to this accord as the bastions of honest and fair game play on Cirgard. I hope many other guilds sign up as well.

Please guys, use this as an opportunity to rid OUR game of these parasites and send them a clear message that we simply do not want cheaters in OUR game.

Simple fact, there are no cheaters in the Damn Dirty Rats. Another simple fact, any player known to be associated with or in a guild proven to be using these "tactics", will never be welcome in the Rats and hopefully in any guild signed up to this accord. The only place these parasites will be welcome is out of this game !

play fairly.png

From Facetious Mike ..........

Guild Wars Proposition

(I post this in a player capacity and my position of Senior Moderator is irrelevant in regards this post)

To all fellow players that play on Greifental.....

As we all know, the "tactic" of using "ghost guilds" is ruining GvG for all of us and is sucking the enjoyment out of playing and is costing us all dearly. The support team cannot interfere as it is not strictly against the rules, which personally, I think is a huge mistake by the Innogames managers, no disrespect of course, just stating my opinion.

I therefore propose that we, the players, make a stand and agree together not to use this under-hand and enjoyment sucking loop-hole and I would therefore ask guild leaders to consider a GvG Treaty - like a FoE version of the Geneva Convention if you like!

Because of the extent of this problem, it won't be any good having one or two guilds sign up and see who signs up first, we need to make the decision together to create a fairer, more enjoyable game for us all. For guilds with "Sister Guilds", for example, Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2, etc. The entire guild must sign up if they choose to do so; it would defeat the objective to have 2 out of 4 sisters guilds sign up.

To be clear, my proposition is to boycott the use of creating a guild that is used to besiege an owned sector with the intention of releasing the sector from ownership by all guilds. This action provides no advantage to the attacking guild and is utilised purely to damage other guilds with virtually no cost. This is NOT an alliance proposition and any guilds that sign up may be attacked by any established guild. Players that break this agreement can be publicly named and shamed and I would suggest that any player breaking the agreement be ejected from their guild and signed-up guilds refuse to recruit that player to their guild.

Together we can stand up and ensure a fairer and more enjoyable GvG experience for us all.

For now, this thread is to gauge the potential of this agreement and if there is enough agreement to make it feasible, then a new thread will be created to officially sign guilds into the treaty.

Please post below if your guild would be willing to join this treaty and post any other conditions you would want to be considered. Please can we stick to guild leaders/founders posting to ensure someone of suitable responsibility is expressing this intention.
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The 'Brothers In Arms' guild of Brisgard, also support fair and honourable game play! Although it is a shame that some other guilds in our Iron age wars, cannot do the same...

The 'Commission' guild actively transfers players to and from their shadow guild the 'wolfpack' to attack our lands at cheaper siege costs! This is because the Commission cannot afford the goods for the amount of sieges required to take our sectors, as we defend them! However the Wolfpack have taken 3 sectors off us last week and then leave them lightly defended for the Commission to take...If this is the only way the Commission can rise in the guild rankings, then shame on you!

Most disturbingly was last nights attacks from the Rebel Alliance who used the Society of Friends point leader Zazulak, to fight for them! Zazulak then transferred back to Society of Friends after taking 2 of our sectors. Both sectors were defended with 8 armies and it took them just 20 minutes to take the 80 fights for each sector...

Auto wins were obviously used but how can a smaller guild defend against another guild + a loaned player ranked 172nd, where his Statue of Zeus and Castel del Monte fully levelled up and his Cathedral of Aachen at level 9, which gives him almost a 90% attack & defence bonus?

I am the highest ranked in our guild at 1939th and enjoy a challenge and relish a good fight! Yet with players transferring from other parts of the map to attack another guilds sector? I thought the whole point of being in a guild and the wars, was to stay true to your guild, fight for it and the people within it! To progress your guild it required active co-operation and excellent teamwork, or so it once seemed...

Now there are two other divisive and unfair routes to take;
1 - If your sieges cost too much due to the amount of sectors you have already taken and are concerned that the next sector you attack they might fight back and you couldn't possibly afford another siege cost at these rates! Well separate your guild and start a new one, take your warriors and attack the sector at the reduced siege costs under a different flag. Then leave it lightly defended for your main guild to retake and once all the smaller guilds have been removed off the map, close the dummy guild and rejoin the main one...

2 - Or much easier hire a top player from another guild to join in your attack and get them to do most of your dirty work for you!

So am I reading the current GVG wars game play right are these actions the best way to promote this game..?

If this is how the game is going to remain, then it will be pointless for any smaller or new guilds to enter the wars! FOE will need to think of another way for smaller guilds to level up or this function and its bonuses will become obsolete for the vast majority of the fair playing, fun seeking guilds and players of the game.


[QUOTE="We have all probably seen exploitation of game loopholes and potential program "weaknesses" which we will guarantee not to use.
View attachment 6133[/QUOTE]
in most online games such bugs are called "Exploits" and utilizing exploits is a punishable offense. The most common punishment is IP-Banning with no refund.