Daily Quest

So, with minutes to spare, I completed one level of the GE. After expending over 30 units, thousands of coins and supplies, I got my reward.
One Rogue.
ONE rogue.
Guess how happy I am about that.
What a rip off


Sure ... in most cases you've only got a 5 or 10% chance of getting the good stuff .

For Gong of Wisdom and Shrine of Knowledge (5%) you should expect to
complete the DC about 20 times (to win on a regular basis).
Less valuable prizes can be won with immediate effect (100%) .

Pace yourself ... it's more of a marathon ... than a 100m sprint to the finish line in 10 seconds.

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You should probably have selected the other chest when presented, and/or skip the DC for the day if you are requested efforts that are deemed too high for the reward.