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Daily free gift

Gems world

Does anyone know why some of us are getting a daily free gift and some are not? Today a little present showed up under my diamonds and when I clicked on this i went to the diamonds &packages screen where I scrolled and found a free gift chest. I collected and a counter started for the next free gift. I know some others have not got this but have no idea why I do. Any ideas??


I’m not saying it’d correlate to if you’ve made purchases, just saying that because prices are different between the two platforms it may be they’ve put an extra incentive onto the mobile platform to make up for the higher prices


It’s mobile-only, and has reappeared for some players. I only play on mobile, didn’t get it the first time (in 2 worlds), nor did I get it this time. I’ve raised a ticket with Inno about why some players are getting it and not others. So far the responses seem to be that it’s ‘to make the gamer fairer for everyone’, and those of us who don’t get it apparently need to be disadvantaged in some way. It makes NO sense, and seems incredibly unfair. Especially given that players of 200m ranking points are receiving it, and much lower level players aren’t. I don’t care about the prizes - just the inequity. I’m still yet to get any comprehensible reason from Inno admins, in an ongoing convo. Watch this space I guess. Or not. *eye-roll


I figured it to be a trial. I've got it on a SAV (500m pts) to a IA (45k pts) worlds. It's pretty good if you hit the decent size prizes in IA.


Is it my imagination or do some of these prizes (eg goods) seem to scale the payout with age?

I'm not 100% sure, I got 15 fp on my SAV same day as I got 1 fp in IA which made me think they did, but 2 days later I also got the 15 fp in IA.

I'm just waiting to see of I hit a 150 goods in IA, did get 50 today but I think there's a lot of different prizes available. I have seen some chat on other platforms that people have been getting to 150 goods on lower eras.