Forwarded: Daily Chalenge GBG

would you like this to be implemented ?

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Nice try. GvG has never been part of a DC, so your logic is quite fluid.
You are absoultely right, I was thinking of GE, and that at least some persons have tried GE for the first time, only because they were offered a GE option as a part of a DC.


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With no alternative it will up high on the complaints list. What if I am supossed to do 10 fights in GBG and there are no fights available? That is something that is possible.
It would need to work similar to the province DC quests. Only show up when fights are available. (eg - a GBG season is currently running, you're participating and there's a open sector to take)

it is a very small step from
- win 5 battles
- win 5 GBG battles

but is that really an improvement ?
because can it really be better to do the same but be limited where you do it ?
Perhaps instead of GBG battles it should be GBG advances? The main thing is if your attrition is already high when opening the DC can you still do the DC?

To quote your own words
I know I'll attack the neighbours or do GE whenever a fight X battles / defeat X units come up. Just means I get a little further then I otherwise was going to some weeks

Test Ament

Perhaps instead of GBG battles it should be GBG advances? The main thing is if your attrition is already high when opening the DC can you still do the DC?
but isn't it your fault if you can't fight anymore for DC ?

a) start your DC before you do your fights. if you have forgotten that: your fault
b) when the DC timer started after your fights you have 24 hours for the DC which would mean the next day in GBG and 0 attrition


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Of course, but it might not be practical for everyone to adjust the DC times on that schedule.


To quote your own words
Cute, but twisting words out of context, while the modern fad, and something I see you do quite a bit on forums, is still is a weak and ultimately failing way to try to prove your point.

I have said clearly and often that you (or I) can only speak about what you/I observe our guild members actually do. Or, discuss our own game decisions. Yet, you repeatedly make sweeping statements implying that you ‘know’ what “most” players do. Which is a completely false statement. All you ‘know’ is what that small subset of persons in your guilds, or who post on the forums, do; both of which add up to a minuscule amount of the total FOE player base.

Back to the actual topic, which you so quickly try to gloss over with clever, but hollow, witticisms, in a weak attempt to hide the fact that you made several completely wrong statements.

Last thing you want is guildmembers that do something cause they have to.
So, no guild should impose requirements on guild members play???
If you do not like to do something you will never do iot if there is an alternative.
As pointed out before, wrong, wrong, wrong.
Billions are spent by advertising and marketing experts each year to shape customers’ behaviors, including getting customers to adopt new behaviors, even if there is initial reluctance or outright resistance from some clients (e.g. giving up smoking, going on a diet, switching from PCs to Macs, advancing eras in FOE). (see multiple interviews of Steven Jobs).

Inno, as a profit-making company, uses in-game marketing and incentives to increase revenues. There are published interviews with INNO stating how they encourage players to try new FOE aspects, without losing loyalty of long-time players (6 July 2017 interview on; or 5 july 2017 article on alistdaily DOT com.) Inno already encourages players to try GE and try advancing on the Continental map though their DC quests (GE fights or conquering sectors).

In 5 guilds I’m in, several players noted they started GE only because it was offered in a DC. In 2 guilds, we have threads devoted to new players to support them on how to handle GE quests that come up in DC, even when they’re not enthusiastic about doing GE or fights on the Continental Map. However, with support, several did try GE, and of those, some (not all, not most) ended up playing GE on a regular basis.

So, the fact is that I know some guild members have started GE due to a DC quest, and have ended up doing GE on a regular basis.

Offering GbG as an optional DC quest, like GE, is a sound idea by @shad23 . It is reasonable to think it could encourage at least some people to try GbG.

So, in short, your critique of the OP’s proposal was invalid. It presented wrong assumptions, and tried to pass off your personal opinions as evidence-based facts.


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@anyempire sheeps wolves foxes and many more stories

The Fact is this , i join a world and i see that no clan is using Discord...
ok i was unlucky the world was too old and everybody left
I join 2nd world guess what :D

no Good Clans = no Good Competition = no Game = no Money
after 2010 they invented BitCoins and such things so they can maximize their profit and other things that normal customers dont have any idea of
but seriusly their marketing is really bad. when you see no russians in a game then there is no profit in it be sure of that

*ps there are some rare examples of communities owned by Companies that owns multiple gaming sites / servers and move customers from one game to another like Seasoning but when you see no Russians in a game be sure the profit is low
no Real Money Trade is a negative advertisment of the Game and as for the Anti-Software protection Inno is using then they just didnt attracted any serius hacker yet. That also means they use a cheap protection so either they hit Easy Money either they make really unnoticable money with donations
they could mine BitCoins or other currencies but thats another story that we dont care for now