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Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire



Dear Kings & Queens,

We are proud to present you our brand new Cultural Settlement: Mughal Empire! This is the fifth of our Cultural Settlements, and your job is to help Akbar the great, to build a beautiful and flourishing city in his empire! Can you build the greatest city in the entire Mughal Empire?

You can start exploring the Mughal Empire settlement on August 11th, 2021.
"Friend! I've heard only great things about you. I invite you to my palace to help me build up the most beautiful city in my empire!"

To achieve your goal to build up a flourishing city, you will need Rupees. This resource is used to produce Cultural Goods (similar to resources from previous settlements: Copper, Koban, Deben and Cocoa Beans). Make sure to build residential and diplomacy buildings in your Settlement to produce enough Rupees, and go through the 20 quests to claim your settlement reward! But before you begin, remember that researching the technology Higher Education (late Middle Ages) is necessary in order to unlock the Cultural Settlement Mughal Empire.

The Cultural Settlement Mughal Empire contains:

  • Your Settlement:
    • Off-Grid Buildings (no interaction)
    • One Main Building - Embassy
    • 4 Goods Buildings
    • 3 Residential Buildings
    • 2 Small Diplomacy Buildings
    • 3 Large Diplomacy Buildings
    • 43 Expansions (39 unlockable)
    • 12 Impediment Removals
  • Your City
    • Two Reward Buildings
      • Mughal's Temple (6 levels)
      • Minaret (4 levels)
    • Four Emissaries
      • Babur
      • Mumtaz Mahal
      • Hamida Banu Begum
      • Shah Jahan


A new challenge begins!

This time, you will find no additional interactive building on the outskirts of your raising Mughal city, meaning that there's no additional feature available upon completing 6 Cultural Settlement quests (e.g. Feudal Japan's Merchant, Aztecs' Courtyard, etc), although you can still get an additional reward by reaching this milestone.

"Does that mean we will not have any assistance to finish this cultural settlement faster?!", you might be asking! This time around, the whole Mughal Empire Settlement is the puzzle and also the minigame you have to solve, but allow me to properly explain that! We have two types of diplomacy buildings, two small and three large ones, and these have chain and set mechanics to increase the beauty and production of your outpost.

Chain ability bonus
Set ability bonus

The small diplomacy buildings have a chain ability, which means that you can attach them to your Embassy sides, or better saying, the entrances! When you connect these buildings, you increase the overall amount of diplomacy in your settlement. You can either attach Water Canals to the sides, or Alleys to the front Embassy stairs (Alleys will provide no bonuses if connected to the back part of your Embassy).

Please be aware that you can place these diplomacy buildings anywhere in your city, but they will only provide you with additional bonuses if you properly connect them to your Embassy!
Meanwhile, the large diplomacy buildings have a set ability, meaning that you can collect additional cultural goods once a day by placing unique large buildings in the adjacencies of your Embassy (anywhere close to the Embassy, not necessarily to the sides or in front of the main building).

There are three different large diplomacy buildings, and in order to fully maximize the potential of your settlement, you will need to build all of them. You can get up to three set bonuses, however, these are only granted by placing different set buildings! In other words, if you place three of the same large diplomacy building, you will only get one bonus, not three! So make sure to avoid repetition here ;)

Now that you are aware of this settlement's base mechanics, you might be wondering what's the challenge it brings. Well, connecting all those buildings together is not an easy task, as you need to decide which expansions are worth unlocking and which impediments should be removed, as you also need to make room for residential and goods' buildings.


Impediments are also present in the Mughal Empire settlement and they will restrict your building area, thus making each settlement a puzzle! Every time you start a new playthrough, those impediments will be rearranged, adding an extra layer of challenge to organizing the settlement. However, just like in previous settlements, these impediments can be removed with pickaxes.


Pickaxes can be found by completing the questline, or you can purchase up to six of them with diamonds. Once you have a pickaxe, open build mode and click on the impediment you want to remove, then select if you want to use Diamonds for the removal or one of your stock from quests. Be careful, there are a limited number of pickaxes available for purchase and free in the questline.


To show his gratitude, Akbar will grant you some awesome rewards for helping him to build up an a flourishing city:

Mughal's Temple
The Sun Temple is a beautiful 4x4 upgradable building with 6 levels! Upon reaching the level 6, this building will provide you coins, forge points, random goods and supplies.

Upon reaching level 6, it can provide you with:

  • Coins
  • +30 Forge Points
  • When motivated:
    • +15 random goods
    • Supplies
That's not all, you can earn fragments of the Minaret Selection Kit as rewards by finishing the settlement fast enough. The Minaret is a 2x2 upgradable building with 4 levels, and it will grant you coins, random goods, forge points and supplies.

Upon reaching level 4, it can provide you with:

  • Coins
  • When motivated:
    • +5 Random Goods
    • +3 Forge Points
    • Supplies

New Emissaries:

Last but not least, the Mughal Empire settlement have exclusive Emissaries who will come to your main city and sit in your Town Hall to grant you special bonuses. There are 4 new Emissaries in total and they can be obtained as a reward for finishing 2, 5, 7 and 9 playthroughs in the new settlement.

BaburMumtaz MahalHamida Banu BegumShah Jahan
1 Forge Point
3 Goods from your age​
3 Goods from previous age​

We're looking forward to your feedback, so please let us know here what you think about the new Cultural Settlements Mughal Empire :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!


Your Forge of Empires Team