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Cultural Settlement Ideas - Feedback

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
We're looking for suggestions on our next Cultural Settlements! Please read the announcement here, and provide your suggestions below!


Three ideas.

1 Troy - Iron Age
A Greek military camp settlement. The Embassy produces daily troops instead of coins, similar to the Alcatraz GB.
Players can produce goods to purchase new expansion slots but each expansion slot has "Trojan Resistance" Impediments. The Resistance can be defeated in battle using troops or through the use of diamonds to remove the Impediment. The more Impediments the player removes the fiercer the Resistance which means it requires a bigger army (or more diamonds).

The minigame would be luck based, a variation of "Snakes and Ladders" where the players aim is to scale the walls of Troy. We could call it "Boiling oil and Ladders". Successfully scaling the walls would allow the player to weaken the Resistance and grant the player goods, allowing the player to remove more Impediments. The "Snakes and Ladders" could introduce a skill based factor but I am not sure about the technological limitations. Die rolls are easy to implement and easy to monetise (players can but extra rolls if they are impatient).

The Settlement concludes with the construction of a "Trojan Horse" and a final showdown against Achilles.

The Settlement would provide a Trojan Horse building that grants players troops a chance to receive an extra point of armour at the start of combat and a weapon stash decoration.

Pros: Easy to implement. Most if not all of the graphics and mechanics are already in game.
Cons: Most, if not all, of the graphics and mechanics are already ingame, which means people might get tired of it.
Why? Because Troy is an incredibly famous historical event.
Easter Egg: We get to see a shirtless Brad Pitt like in the movie Troy. If Brad Pitt is too expensive we can settle for a shirtless Forge of Empires dev with a Greek sword.

2 Las Vegas - Postmodern Era
A Casino style settlement. The player is tasked with creating "The Entertainment Capital of the World" in the middle of a desert (because, obviously, there is no better place for that!).

The desert creates natural impediments, those can't be removed. Players can build various gambling dens, casinos, hotels which produce goods such as dice, cards, tokens etc. Production buildings generate dollars. Each building also generates a certain number of Tourists with every collection. The goal of the Settlement is to reach a certain total of Tourists.

The minigame would be a slot machine. The players gain tickets for the slot machine daily and can buy extra tickets using dollars or diamonds. They can win goods, coins etc.

The settlement would reward a Casino building that acts like a Wishing Well every day providing a totally random number of totally random rewards (from coins to diamonds) and a neon light decoration.

Pros: Easy to implement. Not much of it is already featured ingame.
Cons: Gambling is bad which might make this settlement not feasible in all markets. Making the slot machine only look like a slot machine but actually based on skill might help that a little but I doubt the regulators would be happy either way.
Why? Because Las Vegas is an incredibly interesting place. Also, because I love the movie "The Hangover" and want the tiger from it to make an appearance in FoE.
Easter egg: Every day an incident appears in Las vegas. It can be anything from bank robbers to Mike Tyson's tiger, finding it grants extra goods.
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Persia India or China would be interesting. (babylon and other great cities!)
Troy sounds epic to me as i am greek lol , but i think this is a myth actually.
Sparta or Athens could be a good idea, optional with different gamestyles (fighting or trading etc) unlockable in Bronze Age..

i've played a game , a browser one where you had to complete some tasks within X turns, it was more like maths and calculations strategy and depending the turns you could finish it, you where awarded gold plat or a bronze helmet.. can analyze it more if it sounds interesting

for sure though, please nomore build/delete roads and diplomacy buildings :'D

Arctic Fox the Fighter

Chief Warrant Officer
Sparta - Iron Age
Reason why: It's an interesting part of history that would be fun to have a settlement in
What mini game:
Fighting, or a smithing mini game... To earn cultural goods. But like 'we have stolen x amount from the Persians'
Main character should be the Queen Gorgo.
In replacement to diplomacy it should be attack boost instead for the settlement.
At the end the reward could be a attack raising building that gives troops.
There could be a temple (3x3) to the Spartan Gods: Apollo and Artemis Orthia. Spartans dedicated themselves to war and their could be buildings showing that.

Pro - a good way to fight.
It would be fun...
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Upupa Epops

Master Corporal
Perhaps something from Oceania like the Tongan empire? Not sure how settlements would work as it was mostly islands but perhaps instead of expansions you could find another island. So you would have to build a boat first before you could set off
For a mini game perhaps a tile matching game where you might focus on the goods you want at the risk of not getting any at all.

Thomas Covenent

Minoan Crete (playable once reaching Iron Age)

Many historians believe that the Minoan culture could likely be linked to the myths of Atlantis, so it fills in an aspect of that very popular idea for a culture. ;)
The Minoans were known to be more highly advanced than the Greek & Egyptian empires of the time, having built things like working aquaducts long before the Romans did.
Their look is quite unique being a blend of Greek + Egyptian styles in many ways.

Reward Buildings:
a) A large, (4x4), temple that gives a large atk+def% boosts to the defending army, plus daily fps + guild goods + random military units upon motivation. (atk+def% boost of 30% similar to the Yggy Tree from Vikings at the very minimum!)
b) A smaller, (2x2 or even 3x2/2x3) monument that gives fps + goods + a small (ie: 3-5%) atk boost to the Attacking army.

St. Pattys event style mini-game where you must move your cultural currency between different 'trading posts' along the canal system, with the various tasks, (ie: upgrading merchant managers), rewarding an amount of 'offerings' which are used to then build cultural goods.
Doesn't have to be as intensive as the St. Patty's event in terms of the 'hands-on' nature, but instead of of having 3 lists of recycling tasks, just a long single list of tasks that will provide more than sufficient offerings to build all require guild goods...
...also, the cultural currency acquired via the mini-game is how you build additional settlement buildings. (ie: residential, culture, goods)

now I know the idea of a huge boost to the Defending Army is likely going to elicit a lot of hate, BUT!, we do have the re-working of the PvP Tower on the very near horrizon, and this fills in a big niche without gobbling up a stupid amount of space within a player's city.
Plus, the main value of the building would still be entirely within a substantial daily fp collection, (ie: minimum 8-10fps/day, though 12-14 is ideal), AND, a large amount of Guild Goods, (ie: 50-75/each good), & at least 4-6 random military units thus makes it a very inviting addition for anyone in an active GBG/GvG guild.
We also have plenty of sources for boosting the Attacking Army already, but boosting anything to do with the Defensive army for the most part is a total & complete waste of space at this time, since almost all of those buildings with *do* boost the defenders stats have 0 additional benefits. (ie: only a couple event buildings like the Hippodrome ever get built, since it's main function is focused on fps/goods/etc...)

Thus, a Cultural Settlement building that still requires a sizable amount of effort & time investment, yet which still focuses mainly on fps/guild goods/units won't 'break the game' in any way.


Colonies, like building a colony somewhere in tropical island, or could be historical colonies of colonial age