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Already Suggested: Creating a tab for no age units

Do you like the idea

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Creating a tab for no age units Tab,the title was a mistake.

Current System (if applicable)
The old system requires you to scroll to the end of the troop list to find a no age units that are needed .

I purpose creating a no age unit tab ( like the ones for light units ect ect ) that will allow a very easy way to find a no age units needed for battle without scrolling to the back of the units list .I do want rogues to show up in the light units tab as well , this is not instead it is an addition.

Abuse Prevention
I see no way this can be abused.

Visual Aids
Working on it.

A similar idea was proposed before for a tab for rogues but is in the closed/archived section so I created a new proposal and that was only for rogues not all no age units though players would probably use this mainly for rogues.I also put this proposal because on US and got quite good feedback so I put it here too


+1 however would note that you shouldn’t scroll to the end of the list; just select SAAB or whatever age you don’t have troops from


I was told on Beta but I still want it forwarded on US and Beta.
Good thing than that you are in charge of the forums and can decide what gets forwarded and what not.

BTW, as the person in charge you need to move it on the beta, cause right now it isn't going anywhere.
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