Duplicate: Crashing on iPad

Forge Player

Since latest update I am unable to get FoE working at all.
Install the updated version, seemingly ok, then it insists on downloading 300+ Mb of 'updates'.
Completes the process the crashes back to home screen every time. Repeated attempts - same result.
I have completely deleted FoE and reinstalled from scratch several times now with no success.
Utterly unusable on iPad now.

Forge Player

Ok, there's been one update since then and it's NOT fixed.
Re-installed many times, even restored my iPad mini, still crashes at around 70% into start-up.

Please fix quickly as I'm loosing out only being able to play part time when I am at home on browser version.

Amy Steele

Hi Forge Player - sorry to see you are still having problems with those app crashes. As IGM-JadeAlana has said, this issue has been reported to our development team, and a fix should hopefully be released soon. In the meanwhile we apologise for the inconvenience.

Since this issue was already reported here (click) I am marking this thread as a duplicate. Please follow the original thread for updates on this issue.