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  1. vikingraider1

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    Dec 9, 2016
    Last night I left my city with around 30 minutes of the PvP left. I was in 1st place and a decent bit ahead of 2nd. When I looked this morning the winner of the PvP was someone I wasn't up against but it says he's the winner. This must be down to the neighbourhood change. Isn't there a better way of players finding out how they did in previous weeks tournaments?
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    Mar 1, 2016
    Did you get the right number of medals awarded? The crown goes to the neighborhood winner - If you are merged to his hood he gets the crown; if he would have been merged to your hood - you keep the crown.

    Or it's who had the highest points after the merge - I just checked and all of my crowns are gone too - not that I care - I got the medals.
  3. vikingraider1

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    Dec 9, 2016
    I don't know if I got the right amount of medals. We shouldn't have to memorise it. The results should be announced somewhere. And I didn't think he came to my hood, or I went to his hood, we were just put in a different hood. I thought that was how it worked?
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    Mar 20, 2017
    This is one of the most irritating aspects of PvP. It's actually bad practice to advertise a "Champion" who was not a champion of that exact 'hood. It's also a slap in the face for anyone who worked hard to get to the top - rightfully achieved fist place, just to get slapped in the face because someone else from another hood got more PvP points than they did. It begs the question, if these two had been apart of the same 'hood at the previous week, would the results be different?

    I think a solution would be, after the 'hood changes to list as many champions who were merged into the 'hood at the top of the PvP board.

    Disadvantages of making the above suggestion:
    Knowing how the system chooses its champion during merge has it's sneaky advantage. If I was champion before the 'hood changed, and displaced after the merge, I know something others don't. I know the person listed as champion got more points than I did Last week. This can influence how I play - For instance I begin plundering my neighbors earlier to get more PvP points, and ensure I have a fighting chance against the listed Champion if he decides to pull off that many PvP again.

    Conclusion/Further questions to consider:
    The current system privileges a few to information which is otherwise unknown. Is this really fair? Should it be changed?
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    Mar 20, 2017
    To answer the question by "vikingraider1" (sorry I forgot to do so.) Well... after the PvP is over, your get a notification in the middle of your screen, it's interactive, you can shuffle between the towers and see your ranking and medals won. It's a rather small box, and could be easily missed despite being int eh middle of the screen. I've done an image search to try and find you a screenshot, but I can't find any. As far as I'm aware it's not logged as an event.
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    Feb 26, 2016
  7. LadyHecate

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    Aug 25, 2016
    This is indeed the only way to discover how you performed in the previous week's PvP tower competition. Unfortunately, it doesn't 'pop up' immediately after the last Tower completes and I generally have to wait until the first login on a Monday to see the details. Furthermore, the results table is only available on the browser version and not the app, and if your first login on the Monday is on the app version then it won't appear when you eventually login on the browser.
    Not necessarily the case! I may be wrong but I believe that if I came 2nd in a respective tower contest the week before a neighbourhood merge and a player from a different hood won his hood then he would be crowned current champion potentially with a PvP points score lower than that which I scored for 2nd place.
    "why is it, at least to & thru PE that only about 10% of the players plunder? What is it that the other 90% know that the plundering ass hats don't?" At the lower Ages it is significantly easier to successfully retaliate to an attacker who plunders; consequently fewer lower-Age attackers plunder to avoid any such retaliation.
  8. vikingraider1

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    Dec 9, 2016
    Thanks for that. I've had that pop-up but only occasionally. It must be the app login which I normally do first.
  9. firestormfury

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    Mar 20, 2017
    Hey everyone, Thanks for pointing out those problems in my expression, and use of language.

    Lets demonstrate the point of being privileged to information with one solid example, which I don't think can be applied outside of it. When I am ranked as First when the PvP towers close, receive the according medals for Fist place and such, then the 'hoods change... At this point if the game appoints another champion to the new 'hood, who is not I, then I know that this other player who now has his portrait and name on the PvP tower had more points than I last week on that specific tower. - That is a solid statement alone which concerns only those two players, and one knowing more than the other thanks to the decision the game made.

    When this started happening to me I interviewed the other player, and determined that above theory to be plausible.

    The second example where I was competing on a tower, but came second - well yes I do acknowledge that the game overlooks me as champion even if I would had earned more PvP points on that tower than anybody else! But I can't make any conclusions about weather the champion of the tower earned MORE OR LESS than I did, since I was not in consideration. Thus I say "The current system privileges a few to information which is otherwise unknown." Because this example can be applied to any other player, who ranked lower than first, or even did not partake on that PvP tower.

    I don't think Forge of Empires is a gem of well curated games, and in some way this is what makes it so interesting. And the fact we can debate it here is a reason to leave it alone. But in other respects, it takes away so much of our time, it can hurt. - But that is another topic.

    Plundering? Well, while having not been here a long time, I'd believe that attacking other players would have been more popular before GvG was implemented. It's the players who have been here a long time who encouraged me to take up attacking other players, and plundering. The strain on resourced to sustain a city with a powerful army does drive one to the action of following through with a plunder after a successful attack. But often there is nothing worth plundering, and the act is only carried through so it's possible to try for a blueprint.

    I was motivated to attack other players to - well expand my city with Medals won through PvP. So the situation for that is while one is still the little guy who otherwise can't find enough battles to challenge the big guy with several Great Buildings (Zeus, Aachen, CdM, Traz). The "big guy" is probably entirely oblivious to the fact that someone is trying to get PvP points and be top. He's out busy on GvG and going far on GE, which the little guy can't do. The Big Guy is also in search of tens of thousands of Medals for his next expansion, and the PvP tower results barely make a dent in his target. It's again another unfair oversight in the game.

    Last week I did all 64 Stations of GE, just because the opportunity was there. It got me enough Diamonds I paid for my 400 Diamond expansion. I made it impossible for any person in my neighborhood to get First that week. Those tower points are not so important to me - and I'd be happy to see another player who has a city half the size of mind get them. Unfortunately, this strange game mechanic means I can't look after my interests without depriving someone else of the opportunity to look after theirs. I did 300,000 points on the HMA PvP tower that week. Since I started playing, I've not seen a score that high on HMA. A bit scary. By the way, I only Have 2 Great Buildings, Zeus (lvl 10) and Arc (lvl 5). I don't have the Hideout yet - but would very much like to win one at some point.

    Let me know if anyone actually takes the time to read that. lol :)
  10. Gouls

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I agree regarding the medals per era, however much of the game is geared towards encouraging diamond purchases and in those lower eras the rewards are pitifully low when that next expansion is say 12k medals. At Prog the top tower spot pays 750 medals and my next expansion is 60k, I guess that's a year in the era smacking the hood, hoping for top every week and picking up a few here and there in GE and treasure hunt, alternatively use coins and diamonds for fp to rush through the eras and be a lowly bottom end FE tower position, probably ripe for the attentions of the stronger people in the hood.

    Having said all that, last week I took the Prog hood tower and only one other really bothered. My average points per fight was around 50% higher than his though as far as hoodies/plundering I did very little. Prog era town halls with butchers and Iron Age cottages, Col Era DA'S (if they indeed bother with a DA at all).

    #1......1.9 million
    #2......1.4 million

    Is it worth it? GvG is stagnant save for some AA/FE activity, medal hauls in towers are low and plundered stuff from five eras back is useless. I guess the 10k medals I need for my next expansion (to allow a proper reset for 2x2 roads) will have to wait for another 3 or 4 months.
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  11. ventrue

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    Apr 14, 2016
    I agree, to me, it is not worth it. I get a whopping 1,000 medals for having to do almost 300 battles. I am probably not going to do PvP anymore and just do the GE and hope to get forge points or Ritual flames.

    I think it is good if you have wonders that give bonuses for plundering, or if want to increase your score a little.