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Continent Map - Poor placement of box?

Not open for further replies.


Not really a bug, not too sure where to put this, but perhaps people would like to discuss and give their comments.


As you can see, the "Spend Diamonds" box is right above the tower, leaving the tower almost un-clickable. The problem is made worse on a small screen display, such as a laptop. No doubt, it rarely occurs, but perhaps a slight tweak in the interface might make it more user-friendly? Comments, agreements, dissensions?


I surely see what you mean. I tried to click - drag my box to see if that worked and I just about spent 50 diamonds when the confirmation box appeared. One could almost thing it was a trick to get people to accidentally spend their diamonds.


One could almost thing it was a trick to get people to accidentally spend their diamonds.
Heh, I think that is really starting to get a bit farfetched, but the possibility for an accidental Premium-click here is indeed something that should be looked at.
Either they have to change the plotting of the Scout's route for that exploration, or make sure he is layered under the Battle Tower.

- L


Aye Lodroth, the accidental Premium-click is a valid concern, but what seems more important to me, as FoE is a beta game in a process of improvement, is the improvement of the user interface too.

In your opinion, should I raise this in another section (Idea or Bug), or would the developers or some senior mod have taken a look and perhaps pass on these comments?


I suppose you could request to move it to Feedback.
If you have some extra time on your hands, perhaps create an Idea template suggesting for the scout not to be top layer or at least not plot routes over interactive Continent Map icons, such as the Battle Tower.

- L


Hey Lodroth and Blacksmith,

I've created an idea in the Ideas forum (click me), perhaps one of you could help me move this into Feedback?

Not open for further replies.