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New Bug: Concurrency


Hi, don't know if it can be considered bug or not, but I will write what happened and you will need to make decision.

I have opened guildmates Great Building contribution window and saw it needs 13 or 14 Forge Points. So I have decided to add 10 FP to his GB. After I pressed add button my web browser said server not responding. Refreshed game after 10-20 seconds and joined game again. And I saw I have not 10 FP but 4 FP. If I had contributed I should have 0 FP if not I should have 10 FP. Returned to guildmates GB and saw I added not 10 FP but only 6 FP, also I saw other player have added more FP to this GB.

So, I guess I have opened GB contribution window before other player added his FP to this GB, but he have added his FP before I added my FP. Result of this: unexpectedly levelled up GB and missed rewards. Also I am guessing my game crashed because my game showed GB needs 13-14 FP to level up, but server saw it needs only 6 FP.

I play on PC with Google Chrome 91.0.4472.77 (64 bit) on windows 10.

klods hans

Not a bug. Just a "contribution clash". Two or more players contributing to a GB at the same time. It can make the GB level and maybe you don't get the reward spot you expect.
It shouldn't make the game crash though.


"contribution clash" can be considered as bug too :) if game developers decide it is a bug. If the decide it is not a bug it is not a bug.
But in my option it is easy to fix "contribution clash". All they need is to send to server information on how many FP player wants to contribute and how many FP needed to level up GB. On server side they can check if added amount of FP is bigger or not to amount needed to level up GB (from the data on server side). If added FP amount is bigger (can't be added to GB), they check how much FP was needed to level up GB from players data. If it is bigger than server data, server aborts operation, returns all FP to player and updates player game to data from server. This would let avoid "contribution clash"
But all of this for game developers to decide.