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[COMPETITION] Valentines Poetry Contest 2017

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A lonely heart on Valentine's Day,
and all around me gestures so sweet.
Rinkin,my lover,so far away.
Oh where,oh when will we ever meet.

This lonely heart on Valentine's Day,
wonders when she'll get a tender kiss,
and hear the words her Rinkin will say,
then knowing her heart,a beat will miss.


Hello Romeos and Juliets,
Love is in the air... from now until March 1st, we're going to be running a Valentines Poetry contest! As always, we've got some simple rules for the contest. The first is only one entry per person, please. There are no strict formatting rules, so it can be anything ranging from a sonnet to make us all swoon, a short and witty limerick about Greva... or even a Haiku for your beloved Rinbin! One big change in rules for this contest is we want every entry to have a Forge of Empires theme! Lastly, and this is a given with any creative content, it must be your own work.
This time around we're going to simplify things a little and have just one category, but 6 chances to win! Winners will be:

2 x 1st Prize winners - Prize of 1000 Diamonds, a Tree of Love if you don't have one, or an upgraded one if you do, and a special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

2 x 2nd place runners up -Prize is a Tree of Love if you don't have one, or an upgraded one if you do and a special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

2 x 3rd place runners up - Prize is the special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

As with the Winter contest, if you've already upgraded your Tree of Love to the max and would prefer something else, we'll work that out after the contest is over.

Also! As always, your entries will be hidden at first then approved manually by me, so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately.

So what are you waiting for?! Your true love's kiss awaits ;)

i started here so long ago ..it's been a while and very slow,
my first guild said "fight and plunder",
i havnt stopped, sure it's no wonder,
the game has changed , beyond recognition
to help whining farmer's is my suspicion,
it is a war game there is no doubt
give me more attack bonus to see this out,
i haven't progressed i hear you say,
being passed by many, but here i stay,
i loved to fight and be a blighter
ill take your goods cause i'm i fighter
it's sad to say i am but few
but fighting battles is what i do,
and though i'm handicapped
by this game , those defensive bonus's
can be insane, it tis a game after all,
come join us here..come one come all,
and build your city and move with age,
become a trader or a warrior sage,
or come on global and have a chat
this is forge of empires and that is that .:-))


A Valentine's Sonnet of a Dime-less Lover - for Vixen the Queen :)

I saw you first one Frosty morn - you knelt before my Zeus -
Your plaintive cries filled ice-blue skies as you placed your FP deuce.
My Aachen's & my Dresden's aisles now shelter your fair face
As you & I use all our guiles to win the BP race !

In GE Quests we chance our Arms with utmost dedication:-
we search for Charms, Sun-Gates, any Alms, or a Shrine of Inspiration !
For Medals too we joust & fight & batter ALL our Neighbours,
We visit Friends each day, each night - for the AI's gifts we labour.

With Cape, St.Mark's, St.Basil's, Deal we'll grow our little Cities...
A Gaea, Arc, Atomium shall, one day, make them pretty :)
And I shall court with richest wares from far-flung lands & seas
When my ships hit port & unload their wares next our Arctic Orangery !

Oh! Powers that Be in FoE, Pray grant me one small Favour -
A Hideout full of Diamonds for my One True Love to Savour !!!


Oh Rinbin, you make me laugh
You make me find things on your behalf
With all these quests
Sometimes you can be a pest

1 coin reward, you cheapskate
Now you are asking me on a date
You want to see me tomorrow at eight
Well that is just great

I remember what you gave to Greva Darn
Things that should be left in a barn
Things we should not think of
Not what you give to your love

To win Greva's heart, you offered rat
What is with that?
You are not funny Mr Jester
Look! Myciena is over there to pester

Leave me out of this
Being single is bliss
No Rinbin, I'm not a shrew
So Happy UN-Valentine to you


Apologies for the delay! Here are our winners (I will post 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winnners in separate posts). As always, I will PM the winners to get their details and give their prizes!

1st place goes to:


I sent an email to my love
She did not answer me
For she was far too busy
Playing FoE

I wrote a long and loving text
No answer came my way
She hadn't time for a reply
She'd FoE to play

I tried to call her several times
It went to answerphone
She too engaged with FoE
I really should have know

I having failed to send her
A valentines seduction
I attacked her in her city
And stole her best production

I got a phone call from my love
It went on for some hours
She wasn't very happy
So I'd better send her flowers



Three masked lovers in a row
I'll give that fancy one a go
A thousand hearts lay at your feet
To win that lot would be so neat!
I give a rose and then another
'No, no, no', said fancy lover

Productions finish in 8 hours
Then I get a bunch more flowers
To masquerade with my bouquet
Gift whisker mask without delay
Whisker mask, your face turns red
Eleven times you shake your head

Plain mask, you can never say no
You dance with any, one rose per go
Vacant face and empty eyes
10 hearts from you is no surprise
Because of infidelity,
I leave you out, you're not for me

One last rose for one last dance
At carnival I take my chance
Quest on quest, for long I labour
You keep my rose and kiss my neighbour
No valentine in this love story
Empty is my inventory


2nd place, we had a three way tie! In the interests of fairness, we've awarded all three the 2nd place prizes:


A Forge of Empires Sonnet (also an acrostic, read down the first letter of each line)

From humble dawn in starlit hut and byre,
Our loving hearts begin their sun-kissed flight;
Rise, warmed by morning's sun, above the mire,
Glide, seeking joy, towards the dancing light.
Exotic goods charm ladies and their beaus;
Our Lady, Notre Dame, soars high above.
Flowers she sees, in honeyed hues and rose,
Each crystal bloom part of our tree of love.
My heart, my fair, let's speed across this earth,
Past sunlit arbors, palaces and shrines.
In dawn's sweet promise we were filled with mirth,
Rue not our twilight graveyard, yours and mine.
Empires are forged, like stars they rise and fall.
Sun bless all true hearts, and Love conquer all.


I gaze into the wishing well
Enchanted from the start.
My quest begins with you, sweet Rose;
A chance to win your heart.

Although I’m not a man of sword
I’ll be your gallant knight,
I’ll always be your tower of strength
In tournament or fight.

And I would trek to Todespass
The Mighty Beast to quell
Then travel on to Mount Killmore
For you, dear mademoiselle,

I'd forge ahead to unknown lands,
What gems I could accrue!
But all the treasure in the world
Does not compare to you.

The carnival has left the town,
Normality returns.
The tavern rings with merriment.
The cog of progress turns.

Our guild is making trades and deals
And kinship wins the day,
Both you and I are of one world
It’s like a game we play.

You know that I'm a beekeeper
Who doesn’t have much money
So all the gold that I can give
Is in a pot of honey.

But listen up, there’s more to say
I’m down on bended knee
My quest is done, the time has come
So will you marry me?

Post script:

We sit beneath the Tree of Love
Betrothed to one another
There’s just one flaw in love’s fine jewel
And that would be your mother!


When I first saw you,
My heart skipped a beat,
So much so,
I put my troops to retreat.

I must keep you close,
I want you nearer and nearer,
I don’t even care,
I’ve been 6 weeks in this era.

My dearest you have,
All of my affection,
Especially when I’ve just
Finished this collection.

I am your bass,
And you are my treble,
Our romance will continue
Once my next GB levels.

We can go up to bed,
Your world I will rock,
Just as soon as
This tech is unlocked.

As passion runs high,
I’ll keep you up all night,
Starting in just a moment,
One more sector to fight.

But now, my dear,
You look so very vexed,
I said I’d be with you
Once we take this next hex.

You know I am busy,
Why do you glower?
You know there’s an FP,
Upon every hour.

Sad now, you’re gone,
Letting you go, a blunder,
I’ll cheer up when I find
Someone to plunder.

But no need to worry,
There’s no time to pine,
Princess Myciena,
My new Valentine.


Lastly, we have our 3rd prize winners. We shortlisted our top 6, which ended up being top 7, and then voted on the finalists, which lead to our 3 way tie above :)


As winter's bones are buried
by the green hands of spring
friendships are being forged
and desire flaps its wings!

Springtime is Carnival time!
Romance is in the air!
Can roses win your love's heart?
Will you find a treasure there?

Will you nurse a broken heart
where cold resentment churn,
and with your guild at your side,
to bloody battle turn?

For what does your heart desire?
How will you make your play?
Here you are the sculptor,
Forge of Empires is the clay.


Not open for further replies.