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[COMPETITION] Valentines Poetry Contest 2017

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Entry #1
In Forge of Empires there was a City of Eden
The residents enjoyed eatin' and greetin'
Life was happy and good
Everyone did as they should
But things really got fun when they started breedin'

Entry #2
City of Eden
Forge of Empires city state

Entry #3
At the Venice Carnival Ball, I fell in love
With a woman who dropped her sequin glove
While entering a gilded carriage.
A figure and demeanor so fine I thought of marriage
For surely, my dear, you were sent from above!

Wayne Klinestiver
City of Eden
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here's my poem Chambers86 O world

When Bedtime comes and we're apart
Can love heal this lonely heart
who will collect from my wishing wells,
here's a Rose I love you dearly that I do
Sleep is good when dreaming of you
But Princess Myciena the games you play,
on quests this day must I really delete units you say
With all my love I give to you a bright red rose
now would do me the honour of joining me
to the 2017 FOE Carnival party
with 1 rose and a bit of luck I could steal you hearts
now c'mon lets win the Foe carnival game
You are so sweet its just a game
ask Rinbin his playing tricks again
just one more rose then a kiss to steal your hearts

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/love-24


To My Valentine At The Venice Carnival

In this moment that I meet you, I know you're meant for me,
A vibrant wise and beautiful lady, walking strong and free,
So in me, you have marked this day, with a vision that fills my soul,
It's the day, we start our quest for love, at the Venice Carnival.

Hand in hand we will rise, through every age & era,
Have heart felt losses and victories, always together,
So lets merge our Empires and our hearts, and let me devout my life to you,
Because you, will make me a better King, and I hope you know that's true.

My future Queen you are my valentine, you are my one desire,
Until our end you'll give me peace, and set my heart on fire,
From this day forward, I'll recall, the vision that filled my soul,
It was you, vibrant wise and beautiful, at the Venice Carnival.


Diamonds, it is said, are a girl’s best friend,

fit for a love that shall have no end.

But should that love be consumed

by the flame of another’s desires,

I’ll make use of them here,

in my Forge of Empires


When I first saw you,

My heart skipped a beat,

So much so,

I put my troops to retreat.

I must keep you close,

I want you nearer and nearer,

I don’t even care,

I’ve been 6 weeks in this era.

My dearest you have,

All of my affection,

Especially when I’ve just

Finished this collection.

I am your bass,

And you are my treble,

Our romance will continue

Once my next GB levels.

We can go up to bed,

Your world I will rock,

Just as soon as

This tech is unlocked.

As passion runs high,

I’ll keep you up all night,

Starting in just a moment,

One more sector to fight.

But now, my dear,

You look so very vexed,

I said I’d be with you

Once we take this next hex.

You know I am busy,

Why do you glower?

You know there’s an FP,

Upon every hour.

Sad now, you’re gone,

Letting you go, a blunder,

I’ll cheer up when I find

Someone to plunder.

But no need to worry,

There’s no time to pine,

Princess Myciena,

My new Valentine.


My love for killing sieges knows no bounds.

I always seek to wear the guild fighting crown.

I open each map one after another.

As all would expect of a true guild defender.

For days no fight or war has occurred.

It is late, as my red eyes start to blur.

The future is ours I say in my head,

I look back and see my warm cozy bed.

One map more I say to myself,

The others are sleeping, the guild needs my help.

At all ages map I see something striking.

A siege under way, our sector is for the taking!

I sound the warning horn through chat and message,

Pleading for aid, for soldiers of speed.

I jump to fight with sword and shield until the enemy does flee the field.

Army after army I vanquish in haste,

With a thirst only quenched by my enemies bloody face.

Siege after siege I become quite weary,

I must find a way to fend off their fury.

Suddenly my hand pushes faster, at the sight of our head guild master.

Together we battle for sectors with glee,

No matter the cost to our guild treasury.

Happy we find that at sight of more cavalry,

The enemy has become ever so cowardly.

Lifted is the siege, the battle is done,

Our spirit now filled for weeks to come.

My duty is over, the guild is protected,

To sleep I must go, before doctor directed.
I gaze into the wishing well
Enchanted from the start.
My quest begins with you, sweet Rose;
A chance to win your heart.

Although I’m not a man of sword
I’ll be your gallant knight,
I’ll always be your tower of strength
In tournament or fight.

And I would trek to Todespass
The Mighty Beast to quell
Then travel on to Mount Killmore
For you, dear mademoiselle,

I'd forge ahead to unknown lands,
What gems I could accrue!
But all the treasure in the world
Does not compare to you.

The carnival has left the town,
Normality returns.
The tavern rings with merriment.
The cog of progress turns.

Our guild is making trades and deals
And kinship wins the day,
Both you and I are of one world
It’s like a game we play.

You know that I'm a beekeeper
Who doesn’t have much money
So all the gold that I can give
Is in a pot of honey.

But listen up, there’s more to say
I’m down on bended knee
My quest is done, the time has come
So will you marry me?

Post script:

We sit beneath the Tree of Love
Betrothed to one another
There’s just one flaw in love’s fine jewel
And that would be your mother!
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Hello my love I look upon your lovely face whilst you are in my embrace.
Thinking how lucky I have been to be chosen by you as my wife in this cruel world.
We have had 47 years of love together and we still embrace, despite the trials and tribulations of life that we have had to overcome.
I conclude we must really be in love.
We are valentines to each other not just today but every day of the year.
I love you my sweet valentine.
Your Husband


Hello Romeos and Juliets,
Love is in the air... from now until March 1st, we're going to be running a Valentines Poetry contest! As always, we've got some simple rules for the contest. The first is only one entry per person, please. There are no strict formatting rules, so it can be anything ranging from a sonnet to make us all swoon, a short and witty limerick about Grteva... or even a Haiku for your beloved Rinbin! One big change in rules for this contest is we want every entry to have a Forge of Empires theme! Lastly, and this is a given with any creative content, it must be your own work.
This time around we're going to simplify things a little and have just one category, but 6 chances to win! Winners will be:

2 x 1st Prize winners - Prize of 1000 Diamonds, a Tree of Love if you don't have one, or an upgraded one if you do, and a special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

2 x 2nd place runners up -Prize is a Tree of Love if you don't have one, or an upgraded one if you do and a special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

2 x 3rd place runners up - Prize is the special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

As with the Winter contest, if you've already upgraded your Tree of Love to the max and would prefer something else, we'll work that out after the contest is over.

Also! As always, your entries will be hidden at first then approved manually by me, so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately.

So what are you waiting for?! Your true love's kiss awaits ;)

Not lost and not in need,
Of any riches that you might breed,
Solong as you're a contract,
You've dreamt your last dream.

Aslong as there is someone,
We live and die as no one,
In death we all reform,
Another face we are reborn.

- Rogue #1642

Written by R170


My Poem :)

Explosives are red,
Plastics are blue,
If you motivate my junkyard,
I'll polish your statue!

Agathokles the Cruelest, East-Nagach


Mary had a little lamb, the butcher killed it dead. Now Mary takes her lamb to school between two rounds of bread!


The tale of Grivus and Myciena

There once had lived a brave and handsome knight
That roamed upon his horse the lands of FoE
The archer Cupid challenged him to a fight
But what would happen next he did not know

The knight was fighting valiantly and smart
But Cupid's arrow soared into the air
It hit the knight and pierced him through the heart
The watching crowd was crying in despair

The knight was lying still upon the earth
When a young, lovely lady ran to him
She stroked his hair and lamented his death
Then pulled the arrow causing him to scream

The lady gasped in fear and disbelief
The handsome knight had come to life once more
She kissed him and embraced him with relief
And he had finally found the one to adore

Such was the power of great Cupid's dart
Such was the magic in the arrow of love
It filled with warmth the knight's cold, lonely heart
And gave him someone he could hold and have

Here ends the tale of Grivus the brave knight
And of the battle that would change his life
He and his lady kiss in the moonlight
And now Princess Myciena is his wife

In love and war they say that all is fair
So Cupid shoots his arrows everywhere
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Three masked lovers in a row
I'll give that fancy one a go
A thousand hearts lay at your feet
To win that lot would be so neat!
I give a rose and then another
'No, no, no', said fancy lover

Productions finish in 8 hours
Then I get a bunch more flowers
To masquerade with my bouquet
Gift whisker mask without delay
Whisker mask, your face turns red
Eleven times you shake your head

Plain mask, you can never say no
You dance with any, one rose per go
Vacant face and empty eyes
10 hearts from you is no surprise
Because of infidelity,
I leave you out, you're not for me

One last rose for one last dance
At carnival I take my chance
Quest on quest, for long I labour
You keep my rose and kiss my neighbour
No valentine in this love story
Empty is my inventory


Fly away with me my little Dove
Come with your heart on fire,
So we can kindle our true love,
We can do what we both desire,
With those diamonds from above,
For you, are my Forge of Empire.



Love and Duty

Shaken from bed, awakened from slumber
The sound of waves crashing, echoes like thunder

A curse said the Captain, a reef has been struck
A curse on these Waters, and a curse on our luck

Over the side hoist the lifeboats, women and children is the cry
Could it be that dark fate, would bid us all die?

Over the side free the horses, men work as in dream
But the sounds from their struggle, soon turn into screams

For dark shapes aplenty, swim in this tide
So what will fate bring, once over the side?

"Save yourselves" was the order, to those boats your best chance
Lest the end of death's rope, be your last dance

"Nay" said the Captain, stand fast where ye be
Swim not to those boats, lest they sink in the sea

"Stand fast" said the Captain, "stand with me and we'll rest"
"and we'll think of our duty, for the children its best"

"Stand fast" said the Captain, "stand with me, and be brave"
And not a whimper was heard, as they sank beneath the waves.

So what think you now, of these hundred and ten?
Of these boys, of these soldiers, of these bravest of men?
Do you think that we could, do you think that we would?
Do you think that we'd stand, that we'd stand as they stood?


King's Crush

I led a glorious empire through the ages
And fought my share of battles on the way;
I had a different concubine each day
and prayed to God that no one was contagious.

For several Thousand years my mind was driven
by war, intrigue, by politics and sin;
but underneath the combat-scarred skin
my tired soul was empty, cold and riven.

How colourful my world seems since she shook it!
She warmed my oh-so-lonely heart and took it
that summer evening behind the barn.

Oh, how I long to see again my bunny,
to hold her tight, caress her, call her honey;
my beautiful and gracious Greva Darn!



He is Sweet,
He is Love,
He is MINE!

Goldie with the golden fur,
Sweet smile,
Funny run,
Green eyes,
Knowing when your blue,
Gives love without strings.

The love that never quit's!


Throughout the years Loves been bold

With loving bonds meant to hold

First Jack and Rose were meant to be

Robin, Mariam, the Sheriff made three

Then Caesar and Cleopatra fit like a glove

Now Casanova and I will find the Tree of Love


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you

Roses are red
Daffodils are yellow
You’re going to fall
For a cute little fellow

Roses are red
Orchids are fair
Wait...that line wasn’t
Supposed to go there?

Roses are red
Pansies are heather
That last stanza was lazy
So pull it together

Roses are red
Like rich evening skies
But neither is as beautiful
As the depths of your eyes

Roses are red
Like bioluminescence
Rats, that last line
Makes absolutely no sense!

Roses are red
Yet sometimes they’re black
Whenever you smile
It gives me a panic attack

Roses are red
Fungi are flavescent
No!..That last verse!..
That’s not what I meant!

Roses are red
Making them somewhat conspicuous
I know love poems are difficult
But this is ridiculous!

Roses are red
Dirt’s kinda muddy
If this doesn’t stop soon
It’s going to get bloody

Roses are red
Except when they’re not
I guess I like you
A lot more than a lot?

Roses are red
Turnsoles are heliotrope
That’s it, I give up!
I really can’t cope!

But Roses are red
And they make every girl sigh
So for the sake of the day
I’ll give this one final try

Roses are red
And they smell just divine
Would you do me the honour
Of being my Valentine?


I'll use the forge to make a ring,a ring of purest gold
to show my love for a special girl,whose hand I long to hold.

Then next I'll build a castle high,upon an emerald hill
and ask my love to marry me and hear the words "I will"

These things I'd do for one so true without a second thought
happy,just the two of us.Knowing love can not be bought.

And when we're old and nights are cold ,and memories start to fade
we'll both look back to the Empires Forge,and the golden ring I made.
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